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Ways to cancel Pornhub subscription

Pornhub is the world's biggest website with videos and services for adults. It features films, streams, and even astounding VR Porn. However, much of its content is available only for Pornhub premium users.

Many users who don't have the membership plan might decide to use the 7 days trial and cancel it before the payment period starts. If you are already subscribed and want to cancel it, here are the instructions to drop Pornhub premium membership.

Unsubscribe via customer support

The best way to drop premium membership is to contact their customer support through telephone, online chat, the official website, or email. Don't forget, that if you have ordered a free 7-day trial of the premium subscription, you should cancel your membership in time to avoid being charged.

If you would like to drop your enrollment to the Pornhub Premium membership, use one of the options mentioned below.

1. Cancel by phone

For the quickest reaction to your solicitations, call us utilizing one of their customer support numbers.

2. Cancel through an online chat

You can initiate a conversation with a customer support service agent through the live chat on the official website. This way, unsubscribing can be faster. Alternatively, you can be offered a subscription discount.

3. Cancel via the website

Login to your record and file a request for unsubscribing. Your solicitation will be processed within 3 workdays.

4. Cancel through Email

You can likewise delete your Pornhub account by sending emails to their client support email address.

You will need to provide such data as:

  • First Name;
  • Last Name;
  • Telephone Number;
  • Email Address;
  • Username;
  • Secret word;
  • Charging Address;
  • City;
  • State/Province/Region;
  • ZIP/Postal Code;
  • Country;
  • Justification for Cancellation;
  • Last 4 Digits of Card;
  • Date of Last Charge;
  • Sum of Last Charge.

Take the following steps to cancel your subscription through email:

  • Craft an email including your record data;
  • Choose the delegate that you need to address to drop your record;
  • Request an affirmation code or email as evidence of your cancellation;
  • Send your email to;
  • Save the affirmation data you're given.

5. Cancellation via credit/debit card termination

If the above strategies don't work as quickly as you need, you can call your bank or card issuer and ask to cancel or impede your card. You might tell them that you lost your card or it was damaged. When you terminate the card, they will not have the option to charge you any longer.

This method is only recommended when Pornhub's customer support is not available and you cannot unsubscribe this way. Note that canceling your credit card means losing access to banking services.

Cancellation via the personal account

Pornhub Premium made it extremely easy to cancel your account. You should simply follow these guidelines underneath, and the process won't get longer than two minutes.

  • Visit Pornhub Premium Support. On the help page, find and select Billing Questions in the upper right corner of the site. Select "Cancel my Membership". When you're on the Billing Page look down and click on the inquiry "How would I cancel my participation?". Snap-on the "scratch-off technique" connect once the section extends;
  • Cancel Pornhub Premium;
  • Pick the unsubscription technique.

Pornhub Premium gives you 3 options to drop your participation. You can either call them, visit the website or fill out the form. You can pick the one you like, but we recommend going with a live chat visit since it's the most helpful way.

If you choose to drop Pornhub Premium through a site visit or telephone, prepare the payment details (complete name, email, and last 4 digits of your Visa).

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