Your Personal Subscription Tracker

Do you know how much you spend on subscriptions per year?

Find out and start saving on what you don't use:

INXY subscription tracker also available as an app:

Have you ever forgotten to cancel or renew your subscriptions?

  • Get an overview of all your subscriptions in a convenient dashboard;
  • See how much you spend, when your subscriptions expire and have to be renewed;
  • Track subscriptions you don't use and unsubscribe from them — save your budget!

Make smart decisions with smart notifications

  • Get notified to most popular messengers never to miss renewal that will hit your pocket;
  • Unsubscribe from free trials in time;
  • Never forget to prolong the services you need and stop paying for what you don't need.
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Start Analyzing & Optimizing Your Subscriptions Now

Collaborate with your family & friends

  • INXY allows you to add users to your account, making it easy to collaborate on subscriptions with your family and friends;
  • Easily share your subscriptions and grant permissions to edit your subscription lists.

Secure Payment Method Integration

Access Your Bank

Open banking integration is PSD2 compliant. You get secure and reliable access to 11'000+ financial institutions in Europe & North America

Automated Tracking

With open banking integration INXY automatically identifies your subscriptions. Be informed how much and what you pay for. This keeps your data always up-to-date

Secure Banking Integration

Integration with open banking platform lets you track subscription transactions in just a few clicks. We use Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and best-in-class 256-bit encryption protocols to keep your data safe and sound

Happy Clients Use Cases

Ever wondered what and how many subscription you use? I did! And thanks to INXY Subscription Tracker — I know! It took recurring payments from my bank and made a list of my subscriptions in a matter of minutes! And you know what? I have about twenty two subscriptions... left, after I canceled about a dozen. Saved me hundreds of dollars!
I've stumbled upon a subscription tracker and signed up out of curiosity , decided why not to take a look at how much I spend on different subscriptions I use say per month. Turned out 3!! times more I thought OMG! And like a third of that I didn't even use. Saved me quite several grands and that's for free as I'vo only signed up to two-week free trail.
I wanted to track recurring bills like subscriptions but never wanted to waste time to such small things. Found subscription tracker that automatically tracks recurring payments from your bank account. And its always current. You do nothing:) Easy as that — now I know how much I spend on subscriptions and have payment reminder in whatsapp. Helped me unsubscribe form unused subscriptions and save a sum.
I signed up to last month to clean up the mess with my subscriptions. It connects to bank bills and auto-detects regular payments then identifies them with subscriptions. And it can alarm you of upcoming bills or expiring trials (you'll need to set). Helped me find a dozen smaller forgotten subs — saved me about $400 per year. They have free 14-days trial, btw))) Which I was alarmed by itself) Decided to keep to it — as it already payed ofа for 3 years ahead)
I needed something to keep track of my subscriptions and monthly bills. I have been using Notes to keep a list. But INXY subscription tracker greatly improves on that by keeping up with due dates and the amount my subscriptions are costing.
I had no idea how much I was spending on subscriptions. Then I saw the INXY tracker and wanted to check it out. Simple and very effective. Does just what is needed to track recurring subscriptions.

Start Analyzing & Optimizing Your Subscriptions Now