8 Aspects to consider
when choosing a dedicated server

Learn 8 things that will help you to decide on a hosting provider worth trying and appropriate hardware configuration of your dedicated server.
If you want to create a large-scale site for users from all over the world, you will have to care about many things, including web hosting solution. When deciding on the type of hosting, do not rush into any solution without thinking over its pros and cons. Many companies switch to other solutions soon after taking them up. Don't want to repeat their mistakes? Learn how to select a dedicated server correctly.
1. Influence of downtime
Is failure critical for your business? Before opting for a dedicated server consider how potential downtime is dramatic, because even the most advanced servers do not guarantee 100% uptime. You don't have an option to scale to several dedicated servers, so if you want to ensure total safety of your web-site, you should additionally order a cloud. It will provide you with backup options in case of server failure.
2. Scalability options
Scalability is very important when you choose a dedicated server. If one day you realize that your server is not enough, and you need more resources, you should be able to switch to a stronger solution. Some providers allow using applications on multiple devices to increase capacity, but in fact it is much more cost-effective to move database to a better server. Besides, you can use such good options as a load balancer that redirects traffic and a cloud to copy your environment.
3. What are your requirements?
What do you expect from your server? Basing on your needs and the amount of traffic to be processed, figure out what an optimal configuration is. You can also ask support team to help you with that. When selecting a server pay attention to the following characteristics:
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