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Manage your subscriptions & recurring payments in a single dashboard
Three simple steps to save and manage your subscriptions:
Simply add service from the list or enter a custom one. Add period and amount. Done!
All your subscriptions in a single list
Step 1
Looking at the big picture it's easy to see unused subscriptions. Dashboard gives you an overview so you can optimise expenses and plan payments.
See where your money goes
Step 2
With smart notifications via messenger info won't be unseen as often goes with emails. Thus you'll never forget about important payments and alway have time to unsubscribe from unused services or expiring trials before loosing money.
Get reminders about important subscriptions
Step 3
Group accounts
Personal, family and business accounts. Use your subscriptions personally with your family or colleges
Don't worry about your personal data
Your private and commercial data is secured by SSL-certificate and legally supported by user agreement.
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It's free. No credit card needed