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Live Streaming

Live streaming solutions make stream delivery as simple as possible. You can deliver your content to unlimited viewers, regardless of the device they are using.
Live Streaming

How it works?

You publish your
stream to CDN
Your stream is distributed across CDN datacenters for further performance optimization
Viewers get stream from the best POP possible in terms of routing

Using CDN for live streaming is highly encouraged

It makes solution fully scalable, allows to save on server infrastructure and gives the advanced routing power to your disposal. All this significantly enhances your experience, and, even more important, the experience of your users, who will get hassle-free streaming and will love your product instantly.

Highlights of CDN live streaming

Any input allowed
GEO and IP limitations
Mobile devices support
Enhanced security
Advanced routing
No buffering
Worldwide delivery
Unlimited viewers and views
No deep server knowledge needed
You will be able to see the cost of using and consult in the chat.

Use CDN Calculator

PDF, 150 Kb

If you still feel that you are more comfortable with physical streaming server, we can build ANY solution for you

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