Guide to CDN Providers 2020: Prices Comparison

CDN providers - guide to CDN providers 2020
We continue a series of articles that cover the topic of selecting and configuring CDN for various projects. Today we will consider an important aspect to know when choosing a CDN provider. We are referring to the cost of CDN services.
We will consider 5 major providers from our marketplace, compare prices and find out the answers for you:
  • How can you start using a CDN solution on the most favorable terms;
  • How to reduce the monthly costs of the CDN that you already use;
  • Which provider is best for your project.
First, a small introduction I want to say right away that all the providers represented in our marketplace have passed numerous tests from our experts and many years of selection by our customers, making sure they provide all the tools to compete with the biggest players in the world! With 100% consistency:
  • Modern safety requirements;
  • Quality tech. 24/7 support;
  • Stable operation of CDN networks;
  • Global Coverage (POPs all over the world);
  • Convenient control panels;
  • Free trial;
  • Fast and easy integration with all platforms and CMS. There are many plugins and extensions for popular CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others), with which you can configure integrations with cloud storage services and distribution of statics via CDN.
Who Needs a CDN
CDN is primarily needed for projects with a large audience in different regions or countries. Everything is clear here: reducing delays, quick distribution of content and increasing the level of convenience, and, as a result, more satisfied users. It can be:
  • Projects focused on the distribution of gaming, multimedia content and all kinds of streaming;
  • International e-commerce projects;
  • Application or software developers;
  • Any highly loaded site with an international audience.

Price Analysis

There are two models for paying for CDN solutions:
  1. Pay as you go (PAYG, pay-as-you-go) payment model.
  2. Packet Billing – Prepaid traffic packets from 1TB.
The tariffing of the Pay as you go model is usually much higher than with a packet purchase of traffic. Also, prices for CDN services depend on the number of POPs for a particular provider and the traffic consumed by your project. The more traffic, the cheaper each GB will cost you. This is where the main advantage of choosing and buying CDN lies through our marketplace, and not directly from the provider. Every month, we buy in bulk a huge amount of traffic, which allows us to get prices much lower than the official retail prices of providers. Let’s see for ourselves:
The company runs a large network featuring 17 points of presence (POPs) strategically positioned across North America and Europe. A CDN package with 2TB traffic included is on the official website of Advanced Hosters $30 per month. In the INXY catalog, the same package can be bought for $ 16 – it’s almost two times cheaper! The 20TB package ahCDN offers for $240. If you make a purchase through INXY, then this package will cost you only $130. Even a 100TB package on the official website of Advanced Hosters costs $ 900, while in our catalog its price will be only $500
Large provider. Their total capacity is 500 Gb / s The company runs a large network featuring 33 points of presence (POPs) strategically positioned across Russia and CIS. If you take a look at their official website, you end up paying 37 Euros (approximately $ 41 at the rate) for each TB and for a package not exceeding 3TB. While through the INXY marketplace, the same package will cost $25 per 1TB The 50TB package on the official CDNNOW website is priced at 19 Euros (approximately $ 21 at the exchange rate). In our catalog, this amount of traffic will cost you only $13
13 points of presence (POPs) strategically positioned across North America and Europe. Edge locations are strategically placed in areas of high demand, accelerated by Anycast routing and 100% SSD servers. Prices on the official website start at 0.008 per 1GB In the INXY catalog, you will get this CDN  at 0.008 per 1GB
Highwinds Global (part of
Highwinds is now StackPath Everything customers love about Highwinds CDN has been integrated into the new StackPath CDN Edge Service. The company runs a large network featuring 36 points of presence (POPs) strategically positioned across Asia (with POPs in China), North America and Europe. A CDN package with 1TB traffic included is on the official website of Highwinds $10 per month. In the INXY catalog, the same package can be bought for $10 too. In the Highwinds catalog, a CDN package of up to 100TB will cost you $ 0.04 / GB If you buy the same package through our marketplace, then the cost will be only $ 0.006 / GB
As you can see, thanks to a marketplace like INXY, any project (regardless of its size) has the opportunity to use budget or premium CDN solutions much cheaper than if you contacted providers directly. Regardless of whether you are already using CDN for your projects or just planning to do it. By contacting INXY you can optimize your monthly CDN expenses by passing a free audit from our experts. Or start using CDN on the most favorable terms.
In addition to really competitive prices, INXY offers a single platform for:
  • Comparing and choosing CDN solutions from various providers
  • Payment in any convenient way for all services in one place
  • High-quality Customer Support 24/7
  • Free trial for any CDN service
Switching providers saves our customers hundreds of dollars on their bills each year and is quick and easy to do. Contact us if you need free consultation and professional advice. Our qualified engineers will choose the best solution for your project at the best price possible.

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