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How to Cancel your Skype account?

Since 2003 Skype has been a Microsoft video chat and voice calling application service. It offers various services, including Audio and HD video calling, messaging, screen sharing, call recording and live subtitles, phone calls and private conversations. How to Cancel your Skype account?

The application is available for the majority of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, web, Xbox).

The platform offers different products that cover various needs:

  • Group and family calls;
  • Skyping via Alexa;
  • Services for content creators (podcasts, vlogs, live streams).

Terminate subscription by doing the following:

  • Open Proceed to the account by providing Email or phone number, or Skype Login. Enter your password in the relevant field;
  • Forgot password? Restore it by using your Email and choosing "Forgot password?" option;
  • Once you're in the account, choose your subscription (on the left);
  • Click on "Cancel Subscription" button and don't forget to confirm it after submitting necessary info.

That's it.

If you cannot deactivate paid services yourself, or for some reason don't want to do this, trust this task to the team of professionals from INXY company. INXY lets track all active app and business subscriptions and see the complete picture of your personal finances. You can add all subscriptions and receive renewal notifications in advance thanks to our Tracking Service. It will take your accounting and expense management to the next level.

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