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How it works
Import Subscriptions
Automatically find and import all subscriptions
Connect bank account to open banking platform to have secure access to your payments
Auto-sync payments history for all subscriptions
Identify and cancel unused or redundant subscriptions
See all subscriptions in the dashboard with up-to-date annual and monthly estimate
Get an Overview
Set smart-notifications about important subscription updates
Connect with team or family to track subscriptions together
Stay Informed
Find alternative subscriptions to find better value for money
Bank-level Security
We use Plaid open banking platform to sync your payments to subscriptions. It uses Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and 256-bit SSL encryption and multi factor authentication to keep your data safe.

More about Plaid security here:
How much time does it take to set up our account?
Sign up takes just a few moments. You can even skip some of the steps.
Do I have to connect my bank account?
No. But you probably want to — it will make import and update of your subscriptions automatic — othervise you'll have to do that manually. We use open banking integration so your personal data stays fully secure.
Do I cancel the subscription if I remove it from INXY?
No. You'll have to cancel subscription from the relevant subscription's profile or settings. You can find instructions 'how to cancel' the most popular services here or contact our help center.
Why should I add service users to INXY?
Add employees and teammates with access to your services in order to keep track of user accounts. This enables you to get feedback about subscription usage and see avarage costs per employee, team, project, etc. With this info you can make smarter decisions and save budget.

Also when an employee leaves your company INXY helps you quickly find all subscriptions they have access to so that you can cancel them. By doing so, you cut costs and also make sure that company data doesn't spread outside of your organization.
Do the employees I import get access to INXY?
Yest. You can invite employees as Admins or Users. Admins account for subscriptions, can add and edit subscriptions and payment methods. Users can see which subscriptions they have access to and what subscriptions company use as well as set smart-notifications and take surveys.
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