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How to find subscriptions on iPhone? Where to find subscriptions on iPad?

Subscriptions are convenient because you have services at your disposal 24/7, whether it's video streaming, music, or banking. Apple ID subscription-manager was created with convenience in mind. It enables users to make in-app purchases, including subscriptions - all in a single place like your iPhone.

What if you don't need some of these subscriptions? You can unfollow if you're signed up using your Apple ID account. These steps are required to unsubscribe from unwanted apps.

What are the different types of subscriptions?

Before we answer your question "Where do I find subscriptions on iPhone?" we should tackle the renewed policies going into force for subscriptions on iOS 14. The new feature is called 'Family Sharing', you can include your family account and let others access it. The app not only includes Apple services - it supports third-party memberships, too.

While working with subscriptions on iPhone 12, you can distinguish the following services.

  • Apple Services are subscriptions on iPhone issued by Apple. The series of services can include Apple Music, Apple TV, native gaming services and so on;
  • Third-party apps like Spotify, Amazon Prime and so on;
  • iTunes app can show you the extended list of your subscriptions since your phone is synced with it.

How to find subscriptions on iPhone?

Go to your Settings where you will find your Apple ID name. Tap on it and then scroll to reach the 'My subscriptions' section on your phone.

There, you will see all services you are ordering and can cancel your membership or change tariffs. If you are using the Apple One package of subscriptions, you can manage these services:

  • Tap Apple One first and then explore the list of subscriptions. If you cannot find a certain subscription in the menu, you might be logged in from another Apple ID;
  • To check it out, quit your Apple ID profile on your iPhone, and sign in again by using credentials from another Apple ID;
  • Get back to My Subscriptions again. If you see no service either, the membership has likely been billed through a third-party company. Watch bank archives and see who received the previous payments. If no Apple or iTunes is mentioned, the subscription is not issued by Apple.

Canceling on iPhone

Now when you know how to find subscriptions on iPhone, your next step is to get rid of useless ones.

  1. Go to the 'Settings', proceed to Apple ID;

  2. Click 'Subscriptions'. Use your password, or Face ID/Touch ID to log in;

  3. Scan the list of subscriptions and find unnecessary ones. Tap on the app if you want to learn details about it;

    By the way, the list also contains canceled subscriptions that you used to exploit.

  4. On the subscription section, you can see the details of memberships. 

    Don't need it? Tap "Cancel Subscription" and provide confirmation. If you're through a free trial, you will be offered to terminate it.

Note that you have a right to access the service if you cancelled it in the middle of the payment cycle. Feel free to use the subscriptions till the end of the pre-paid period.

How to restart a canceled membership on an iPhone

If you have canceled a membership and want the service back, you can return it by accessing the Settings.

  1. Proceed to the 'Settings' and Apple ID;

  2. Click 'Subscriptions'. Use your password or Face ID/Touch ID to sign in to your account;

  3. Find all expired subscriptions by scrolling down. Choose the ones you need to re-install;

  4. On the subscription page, activate the service and confirm that. You are now re-subscribed;

Canceling on iPad

If you are exploiting some apps and subscriptions on iPad, you can unsubscribe from the ones you don't need. If those are free trials, you shouldn't have anything to regret at all - just cancel the service before you are automatically charged. Where to find subscriptions on iPad?

  1. Go to the Settings app;

  2. Proceed to your Apple ID;

  3. Once you open a profile, proceed to 'Subscriptions';

  4. You will see the whole list of subscriptions in your Apple ID-connected devices;

    Observe the list of memberships and choose the ones to cancel. If you cannot find a canceled subscription, it might have been ordered from another Apple ID. You can try to log in from another account to check out the list of subscriptions.

  5. Click "Cancel Subscription" after scrolling all the way down on the service's information page;

    f you're going through a free trial of your subscription, you will see the words "Cancel Free Trial.

  6. You will be asked to confirm the choice. Click 'Confirm'. Done. Your subscription is officially canceled.

How to deal with subscriptions on iPhone via Apps?

Above, we have reviewed the methods for managing subscriptions on your iPhone via settings or the AppStore. There is an alternative way of cancellation available. If you want, you can manage a particular app or some individual service. Note that the interface for different apps will vary, but there's no need to go far - you can find the 'Subscriptions' option under the account settings (in most cases it works).

Here's how it looks with the Tinder app. You can just proceed to 'Settings', find and tap "Manage Payment" under the 'Payments' section.

Using this way, you can overview subscription plans and app features. In the same manner, you can identify the payment plan you're using and click "Cancel Subscription" to terminate services you no longer need.

The above-mentioned instruction can be useful for managing subscriptions on iPhone 12 since it has a somewhat different interface. By following this guide, you will be able to cancel membership in different apps, no matter what model of iPhone or iPad you have. Besides, this way, you can check subscriptions to see where your hard-earned money goes.

Note: When you unsubscribe from an app, you still have a right to use the service until the end of the expiration period. Say, if you cancel your subscription on December 15th and your payment date is every month's first day, you will be eligible to use the paid service until January 1st.

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