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How to unsubscribe from Wordtune services?

Wordtune is an AI-driven writing software that comprehends what you're attempting to say and recommends approaches to make the user's texts more catchy, convincing, and beautiful.

It proves to be useful when you compose individual letters, write selling texts for your customers or communicate with your partners. In all cases, this unique software can assist you with communicating better.

The software has a few outstanding features:

If you decide to unsubscribe for some reason, do the following:

  1. Rewrite.

    The program offers better approaches to communication. It modifies the text to state your sentences. This is a helpful tool when one needs to express one thoughts in different ways.

  2. Word Finder.

    In the event that English isn't the user's native language, the software can help him figure out the missing word in some other supported language, and AI will offer the right option in English.

  3. Suggested words.

    A user can write texts by accepting word ideas that fit his work. Wordtune's jargon goes a long ways past a basic thesaurus, proposing alternatives that fit normally into the content.

  4. Examples.

    A user can remove all uncertainty in his writing by contrasting his words with a large number of comparative sentences composed by confided in sources on the web without closing the content creation box.

Being a multi-platform software, Wordtune that supports all major platforms and applications. It can be used for writing online, in social media and so on In order to cancel paid subscription, a user should:

  • Contact the Wordtune customer support.


  • Open the personal account, scroll below, and click 'Cancel' button.

Services will still be available until the end of the last payment period.

If you cannot deactivate paid services yourself, or for some reason don't want to do this, trust this task to the team of professionals from INXY company. INXY lets track all active app and business subscriptions and see the complete picture of your personal finances. You can add all subscriptions and receive renewal notifications in advance thanks to our Tracking Service. It will take your accounting and expense management to the next level.

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