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How to unsubscribe from HBO Max?

HBO Max is an online video service that streams HBO's TV shows and films, alongside a large number of extra services. The subscription is available for $15/month, which is a similar membership rate as for more popular HBO Now, and up to five individuals can share the subscription simultaneously, each with their own client profile.

That is a fair deal, however, if you at any point need to drop your HBO Max subscription, you can do it in a few ways only, utilizing your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android gadget.

The easiest way to cancel HBO Max membership

You can begin the procedure of canceling your membership utilizing either the HBO Max versatile application or the site. In any case, contingent on how you pursued HBO Max, the steps for doing that will differ.

First and foremost, you can try to cancel membership using the HBO Max application on your iPhone, iPad, or Android gadget:

  • Tap the "Profile" symbol in the lower-right corner of the screen;
  • Once there, tap the stuff symbol in the upper-left, and afterward select "Charging Information";
  • Press "Cancel membership" and approve of your choice.

On the other hand, in case you're on the HBO Max site, simply sign in and click the "Profile" symbol at the upper right of the page and afterward click "Charging Information."

In the event that you can drop the membership straightforwardly from the HBO Max application, you'll see a button checked "Oversee Subscription." Click it, and afterward select "Drop Subscription." Confirm this is truly what you need to do, and your membership will be dropped.

In case you have ordered your subscription in another way, you can be required to cancel the service from somewhere else. You'll see a button "Learn More." Tap it, and you'll be taken to that application or service's login screen. Sign in and go to the settings related to payments, then cancel from there.

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