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How to unsubscribe from FreshBooks services?

Freshbooks is an invoicing service with its target audience consisting of small firms and entrepreneurs who work with clients and need an account management tool.

FreshBooks is a platform for automating invoicing, modifying it with a simpler interface than QuickBooks. This software allows users to manage payments, invoices and personal data very easily. That being said, the platform works with different payment types, including debit/credit cards and PayPal.

Major tools in FreshBooks include:

  • Online account management;
  • Data search tools and filters;
  • Time tracker;
  • Recurring bills and auto payments;
  • Team schedule;
  • Payment deadlines reminders;
  • Track expenses;
  • Automatic tracking of expenses and import from third-party platforms;
  • Mobile apps;
  • Expense file attachments (PDF or images);
  • Reports;
  • ...and so much more.

Freshbooks is also a great project management tool. You can create an unlimited number of projects, within which it is allowed to register specific tasks. Freshbooks offers both free and paid plans. Here's how you can cancel your subscription or degrade it.

How to downgrade an account?

In case you're planning to change your subscription plan to a cheaper one, you should:

  • Diminish the quantity of Active and Archived Clients;
  • Eliminate your Team Members;
  • Eliminate an associated Accountant;
  • Erase any dynamic Retainers.

To erase any of the abovementioned, utilize the means here first, at that point continue with minimizing with the underneath steps:

  1. Make sure you have taken out any clients (active or the ones in the Archive) alongside whatever other Team Members or Retainers that could be keeping you from changing the plan;

  2. Snap on the staff button in the upper left corner;

  3. Click on 'Billing and Upgrade';

  4. Select 'Manage Plan'.

When you need to eliminate additional items like Payments and Team Members, snap on 'Manage your arrangement' under your present arrangement. Make changes to your additional services depending on the situation, and snap 'Review and Pay' to save your changes. You will not be charged until your next installment is expected.

How to cancel an account?

Business Owner can cancel an account in the following way:

  • Save any information you need from your record first (when the account is ceased, you won't be able to restore it);
  • Click on the staff symbol in the upper left corner;
  • Snap on 'Billing and Upgrade';
  • Click at the button appearing on the bottom;
  • Proceed to the page that requests leaving a comment explaining why you've decided to cancel your record.

When you unsubscribe, you will be able to use services until the end of the 30-day payment period. Once it finishes, personal account data won't be available.

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