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How to unsubscribe from American Express?

American Express payment system is the third payment system in the world that operates on the basis of plastic cards. Its creator is a diversified corporation of the same name.

This USA-based corporation stays active in markets such as financial services, e-commerce, and private and business travel. Its clients are both legal entities and individuals. This company was the first to issue travelers' checks, and also one of the first to organize a payment system based on plastic cards. The company was founded in the state of New York, USA, in 1850. The first line of business activity was courier delivery of valuable goods.

Checks also served as a prototype for American Express plastic cards. The first card, owned by Elvis Presley, was issued on October 1, 1958. Mass production of the cards began the following year. Today the American Express payment system ranks third in the world after Visa and MasterCard systems. Its main markets are the USA and Canada.

The guide on how to cancel American Express by login:

  • Open the main website page (;
  • You'll have to log in with your email address and password;
  • Snap on account settings;
  • Snap on Delete account;
  • Hold the affirmation data you're given.

The guide on how to Cancel American Express by Phone (Live Agent)

  • Contact the company at 800-528-4800;
  • Pick the menu choice;
  • Give the specialist your record data;
  • Contact the specialist that you need to delete your record;
  • Inquire as to whether you will be charged once more;
  • Request a verbal affirmation code or email as verification of your deletion;
  • Hold the affirmation data you're given.

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