How to terminate a Zapier account?
Zapier is a platform system for transferring data between popular web applications using software that supports over 300 applications. Zapier can be used to connect different cloud services and automate repetitive processes. It eliminates the need to pay a developer to integrate services that are critical to a business. Besides, Zapier lets you set up a free account and figure out how to set up links between apps in minutes.

Zapier can automate daily tasks that involve the use of two or more applications. The user can define an action when connecting applications and set it to repeat. For example, an e-mail in Gmail from a certain address can be a trigger, after which an SMS notification will be delivered (if it was written by an important partner or client).

It is possible to manage multiple accounts from one dashboard. Aside from creating his own account, a user can choose from a wide range of actions that have been added by the Zapier community.

In the event that you need to cancel your paid Zapier plan and hold all your record information, you can downsize to a Free plan. Here's how you can do it:
Go to your Cancel account settings page.
Click 'Confirm'. You'll be sent to a Zapier login page. In the event that you set up your Zapier account with a Facebook or Google account, select those choices to sign in. If not, enter your record secret key and snap Continue.
In the Permanently erase my record area, click Yes, erase my record.
In the Verify Current Email field, enter your record email address.
In the Confirm you need to erase your record field, enter DELETE.
Snap Delete my account(s).
Pro tip:
When your record is erased, it can't be reestablished or recuperated in any capacity. Make sure you backed up all necessary information.
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