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How to terminate 123 Cheap Domains services?
The service deactivation process depends on the type of product you want to terminate.
123 Cheap Domains was established over 20 years ago as a domain recorder, yet has since advanced to bring various related services. They claim to be hosting over 3 mln British domains, which makes them the greatest supplier there, and they're facilitating around one million websites.

Although the company doesn't unveil the area of its server farms, they do uncover that the facilities used for shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers are located in the US, while the majority of data is secured on their server farm in Leeds. British cloud storage users have their information stored exclusively in the UK servers. They also claim that their server farms are eco-safe and endeavor to limit their carbon influence.

The service deactivation process depends on the type of product you want to terminate. It's usually done via:
The control board
With the help of Customer Support group
By creating a ticket and addressing it to the specialists
For the service to expire by itself, you should:
Start by entering the personal Control Dashboard. From that point, find the Domain names segment and proceed to the update section.
Go to Domain automatic update. As an alternative, you can set another recharging time (of as long as a decade) or to turn it off completely. In the event that you turn off automatic renewal, you can in any case renew the service manually.
Don't forget to click Apply a while later to affirm your decision. Ensure that automatic renewal is disabled.
Pro tip:

If you use the Owner Protection service, you have to terminate it first before dealing with the rest of subscriptions.
If you've got problems with terminating paid services and want guidance, trust this task to INXY company. It allows you to see all subscriptions via a single dashboard and check the full picture of personal finances. Add subscriptions and receive notifications by using our Tracking Service. Manage your money smarter - don't overpay for what you don't need.