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How to get refunded by Oculus?

Oculus is a Facebook, Inc affiliate company that specializes in augmented reality equipment and programming items. Currently, its most widely used items are the Oculus Rift S for PC just as Oculus Go and Oculus Quest.

To be qualified for a Rift/Quest discount, you need to meet two requirements:

  • Apply for a discount within 14 days of the purchase;
  • Have utilized the item less than two hours.

Rift/Quest VR Refund Policy

The return policy relates to the digital content bought through Oculus for Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR gadgets.

To fit the bill for a discount, you need to:

  • Solicit it within three days of the buy date;
  • Have interacted with the content for less than 30 minutes.

As a rule, the discounts issued by these policies are computerized, so if you don't qualify for such a discount, you should contact their Customer Support.

Oculus expresses that the discount program covered by the strategy might stop being valid at any moment. However, discount demands made under this policy will be considered as though the rules were still in effect, within 14 days (Rift/Quest solicitation) or three days (Go/Gear VR demand) after this current policy's conclusion, for qualified purchases made until and through the last day of accessibility of the refund program.

Can I claim a refund?

The items qualified for returns and discounts are applications, games, and different experiences, as long as you meet the overall requirements in regards to Rift/Quest and Go/Gear VR discount policies, correspondingly.

Which Oculus products cannot be refunded?

Automated Rift/Quest discounts don't work in the following circumstances:

  • Previously discounted purchase;
  • Longer-than-two-hour content interaction on Rift/Quest gadgets or more than 30-minute content interaction on Go/Gear VR gadgets;
  • Refund request surpassing the 14-day window (Rift/Quest content) or the 3-day limit (Go/Gear VR content);
  • Purchases in third-party stores;
  • Movies, bundles, DLC, and in-application buys.

How do I get compensated on my own?

If you're going to receive compensation without external help, be prepared to wait.

Getting compensated via a Retail Store

If you have purchased an Oculus gadget from a retail location, you should visit the store and solicit a refund. As every retailer has its own refunding strategy, you should ask specialists about what you are eligible for.

Getting compensation from an Oculus Store

If you decide to demand a discount from Oculus Store, these are several steps you will need to take:

  • Open the Oculus application on your telephone
  • Snap 'Settings' from the base menu;
  • Under 'Payment', tap 'Purchase History';
  • Select the item you need a refund for;
  • Snap 'Request Compensation';
  • Adhere to additional guidelines to finish the process.

In case you are having issues mentioning a discount by means of the application or if your buy isn't qualified for an automated discount, you should contact Oculus Support.

Crucial things to consider regarding compensations

Should you choose to return your bought item for a discount, here's what you should know about:

  • Oculus will compensate for items returned within 30 days of the first buy;
  • You will get a refund credited to you in the way of the initial payment that Oculus has gotten after reviewing the gadget;
  • Delivery expenses are non-refundable.

Is any device okay to request compensation?

Deplorably, you can't. To initiate the compensation process, you need to demand it from the same gadget you used to make a purchase. Note that you should likewise keep your buying subtleties to be qualified for a discount. Try not to delete them after you have placed your order.

How long does compensation take?

It as a rule requires as long as five days to process a compensation demand, yet it might take more time for your cash to show on your bank account.

The organization will credit your money by using the same payment option you used to make the purchase. If you haven't received your cashback following nine workdays, you should contact your bank.

What is the status of my purchase after issuing compensation?

After issuing a return and compensation, you might lose your access to the item you mentioned a discount for. Should your solicitation be denied, you will recover access.

My compensation request has been denied. Why so?

Oculus claims all authority to deny your discount demand if your bought item doesn't meet the qualification rules or if they see that you are manhandling the discount program in any way.

If you are sure you're qualified for a discount, regardless of whether you haven't met all the qualification requirements, you can contact Oculus Customer Support.

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