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How to get refunded by Cinemark?

Cinemark is a cinema network with theaters all over America and abroad. Film lovers can purchase gift vouchers, join film clubs, and buy tickets. Since buying tickets in the Net is so quick and convenient, we can undoubtedly make a hasty purchase. No matter what your reasons are to get back the ticket, read on to find out how to get your cash back in the easiest ways.

Instructions to get cash back on your own

Cinemark film tickets can be reserved and bought on the organization's site, their mobile application, or at a box office. Regardless of the way of your buy, there are two different ways you can demand a Cinemark cashback:

  • On the Cinemark site;
  • Face to face.

Getting cash back through the official website

If you'd like to demand a Cinemark discount on the organization's site, there are a few steps you should take:

  • Sign in to your personal account;
  • Find the Cashback button in the menu;
  • Enter the email address you entered while purchasing a ticket;
  • Type the last four digits of the credit/debit card you utilized for the purchase;
  • Proceed with the personal instructions from that point on.

Tickets for a film can be paid for with a gift voucher, your credit or check card, or your official club card.

You should likewise note that:

How to get in-person refunds

Getting cash back from the company is conceivable at the center's box office just before the screening begins. It doesn't make any difference how you purchased your ticket. If you decide to be discounted for it face to face, here is a simple instruction:

  • Visit the theater you intended to go to at the time of screening;
  • Solicit a cashback from a Cinemark agent;
  • Give the number (ID) of the ticket;
  • Show the card you purchased the pass with.

Do not forget to take the above-mentioned documents to get your cashback. Otherwise, the process may be a challenge in case you're in a rush and have neglected to carry this load of things with you.

Remember that you will not get back the online expense you were charged after booking the screening when you are refunded for your ticket face to face.

The official refund policy

The company has a careful strategy on refunds and discounts. Remember one thing: you can't get your cashback on tickets for films whose showtime finished. If you figure you will not come to the film or need to drop the event for some other explanation, you can demand a discount just before the screening begins.

Drawbacks in their cashback policy

Despite the fact that the Cinemark cashback arrangements appear to be direct, there are a few issues there. Documents do not explain how clients can get their cash back If they paid for their tickets in real money. This prompts a conclusion that types of purchases differing from credit/debit, gift, or film club cards are not qualified for a discount.

That sounds unfair. So if you paid for your ticket in real money, you could in any case have a go at mentioning a discount face to face.

What is the cashback deadline?

In case you were allowed a Cinemark ticket discount, you'd normally wish to realize when you'll get your cashback. The time interval relies upon the type of installment. If you utilized a credit/debit card, you will have to wait 5-7 working days. For gift cards and official movie cards, there is no waiting time at all - you will get your cashback instantly.

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