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How to get a refund from Western Union?

Western Union is the biggest worldwide money transfer service. It allows you to send and get reserves locally or globally from more than 200 countries and 500,000 offices in the Western Union organization. In 2018, the organization revealed having moved more than $300 billion all throughout the planet and finished in excess of 800 million exchanges for its buyers and business customers.

Traditional ways to get a refund

You can solicit a refund in traditional ways: over email, personal letter, or fax and by visiting the office. In any case, you will need the original receipt or money order. This can be done in several steps:

  • Fill in the form, sign it and date the request. If you don't want to compile the document on your own, just take the Money Order Customer Request form;
  • Present these reports and the $15 non-refundable handling charge (payable to Western Union with an individual check or cash request and shipped off the location recorded on the structure) by fax, mail, or email.

The procedure will take 30 days for full processing.

If you don't have the original receipt or money order, print out and complete the above-mentioned form, sign it, and have it notarized. Submit it with all accessible documents showing you as buyer and the $30 USD non-refundable handling charge (to the location referenced on the structure) by fax, mail, or email.

If someone took the cash request from you or you were the victim of a cheat, you will likewise need to join a duplicate of the police report. Remember that handling can take up to six to about two months, and Western Union can't ensure that you will be qualified for a discount.

Would you be able to get compensated if an event is postponed?

The archives that demonstrate you are the buyer could include:

  • The first store sales register receipt;
  • Duplicates of other cash orders or their receipts bought simultaneously;
  • Bank state showing the installment;
  • Duplicates of other cash orders bought for a similar reason and the same sum (i.e., lease or home loan).

What Is the Western Union Money Order Refund Policy?

As per Western Union's Terms and Conditions, and dependent upon the pertinent law, exchanges can be dropped for a discount of the full exchange sum, except if the assets have been gotten or kept when Western Union accepts your composed solicitation.

You should likewise note that:

  • For certain administrations (barring Western Union's bill installment and prepaid items and services), the organization might charge an exchange expense discount in case reserves are not accessible within the predetermined time span;
  • Western Union may charge you an expense to discount the exchange sum back to you if the collector dismisses your assets;
  • Western Union might give your cash back through their money transfer, the credit/check card, or the bank account that you used to pay with;
  • You can likewise demand a check in the amount of the refund.

Discount Policy for International Money Transfers

Under the relevant law, global exchanges can be dropped for a full discount of the transfer sum (counting the paid fees) within 30 minutes of making the payment, except if the assets have effectively been gathered or saved. You may likewise get a full cashback in specific conditions if you demonstrate that you've committed an inadvertent error.

What if you suspect being the victim of fraud?

If you've moved the cash and it hasn't yet been gotten, you can stop the transaction and get a full discount, including the exchange fee. Call the hotline to impede the exchange as quickly as time permits. If your cash has been gathered by the recipient, yet you think that there has been a fraud, Western Union urges you to file the official fraud claim and report everything to the police.

Western Union will audit all revealed cases to decide whether a refund will be allowed. The organization endeavors to distinguish scam exchanges and keep them from going through their frameworks. However, fraudsters' strategies change continually and are hard to recognize at the first glance.

How long does Western Union take to refund?

Be patient: Western Union states that refunds for transactions made inside the U.S. will be made within 45 days of getting the solicitation.

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