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How to get a refund from HostGator?

HostGator is a startup founded by a Florida university student in 2002 and has evolved into a global provider of shared hosting, reselling hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Since its humble start, HostGator has grown to become the world's leading hosting provider with over 9 million registered domain names and 850 employees. Today, it offers extremely affordable web hosting packages for sites of all kinds and sizes.

What Is their refund policy?

HostGator offers discounts to clients upon the full termination of their hosting services. This strategy applies to the 45-day money-back policy, while the organization is not willing to give compensations if you drop after that time. In the event that you have some prepaid services, you may get some prorated compensation.

The 45-day money-back policy

If you drop HostGastor within 45 days after your buy, you are qualified for compensation. Note that the chance of getting a discount relies upon the service you utilized. You can get a discount just for the reseller, shared, or VPS options. You will not get money back for:

  • Installment fees;
  • Domain names purchased;
  • Dedicated servers;
  • Fees for some other extra administrations.

Can I get my money back?

In case you are a first-time client, you can get your cash back. In case it's not your first time utilizing the service or you have more than one record, you will not be qualified for a discount. In the event that you paid for the services by methods other than Mastercard or PayPal, you will not have the option to redeem your cash.

The company sends money back only to Mastercard or PayPal. In all other cases, it can only give credits for later use. Remember that the company makes sure you don't violate their Terms of Service, and if it finds out any breach of the rules, it will not approve compensation.

Getting compensation more than 45 days after the registration

If you decide to cancel your membership over 45 days after you joined, you might get compensation for your services that have been preliminarily paid for. When you drop, you will actually want to utilize the HostGator administrations until your charging period terminates. Note that HostGator will possibly compensate for full months in the event that you have any prepaid services.

How may I request a HostGator refund?

To get a discount from HostGator, you should:

  • Cancel the current subscription;
  • Receive the email affirming your retraction;
  • Answer to the email and write that you need to get your cash back;
  • Wait some time for request processing: the company will send you a written affirmation of your refund sum.

If you don't get any affirmation email of your retraction or refund within 48 hours, call customer support (it is open around the clock). At the point when you reach out to a client support assistant, clarify your concern, and disclose to them you need to drop the membership and get your cash back.

How do I know my refund request has been processed?

You ought to get an affirmation email. The email ought to likewise express the amount of cash you will get back. If you don't get the affirmation email in 48 hours after you requested a discount, you should contact the organization's customer support.

How long does it take to receive compensation?

According to the official rules, the company has as long as 90 days to return your cash, however, they ordinarily do that in 15 days after the refund demand affirmation. Numerous clients have claimed to accept their discount several days after their solicitation.

Are there any potential risks or issues?

HostGator will give you a discount within the 45-day unconditional policy without any inquiries posed. In the event that you drop over 45 days after you paid for the subscription, they may choose not to give a discount.

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