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How to find iTunes subscriptions? How to find my iTunes subscriptions?
Being an integral part of Apple infrastructure, iTunes is a versatile software for media content management, phone database backup and so on. Inside this app, you can also order various subscriptions from Apple and third-party providers.
"How do I find my iTunes subscriptions?" - many users wonder. In this ultimate guide, we'll review the easiest ways.
Access App store subscriptions using iTunes on a laptop
How to find iTunes subscriptions if there is no MacOS device or you cannot access the application store? iTunes is a handy option that runs in both Windows and Mac OS. To put it shortly, the process includes several steps:
Launch iTunes.
Open your profile.
View it from the toolbar (menu bar).
Verify your Apple ID password.
Go to 'Account Information'.
Open 'Settings' -> 'Subscriptions'.
Tap 'Manage' and you will open the list of Active and Canceled (Expired) memberships.
How to find iTunes subscriptions via iPad?
For the purpose of security, Apple has designed iTunes subscriptions management and payment very flexible. Users have all the control over in-app actions, whether orders or cancellations. Third-party app providers have no access to your account in iTunes.

To open iTunes on your iPad, do the following:
Launch the app.
Observe the menu and tap on the 'Sign in' button. Enter your login (Apple ID) that you used to buy the subscription.
Proceed to 'Store' and then - 'View Your Account'.
If necessary, submit your login and password.
Open your profile and find the Account Information screen.
Scroll down to 'Settings', tap 'Manage' on the right of subscriptions.
You will see the list of subscriptions. Turn off the Automatic Renewal on the ones you'd like to cancel. Don't forget to confirm the action.
Starting from Step 6, you can manage your subscriptions in any way (cancel, customize, change payment plans).

Accessing your iTunes account on iPhone
You can install iTunes on all iOS devices. Your account can be opened with a few taps:
On your device's home screen, find the App Store.
Open the Store and then - the 'Featured' section, go to the bottom of the list.
Open Apple ID.
You may be asked to sign in again. Remember that you should use the same Apple ID opened when ordering the subscription.
Get back to the home screen and scroll all the way down.
Choose 'Manage subscriptions'.
You will see the list of subscriptions. Manage them (you can turn off Automatic Renewal or Cancel them - all in a switch).
Cannot find a subscription in iTunes?
There are two options available.

1. It's in your Apple account
In most cases, you can just tap Apple ID and proceed to your subscriptions via settings. From this menu, you can also switch payment options, terminate automatic payments or refuse them entirely.

2. How to manage subscriptions on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod
It takes a few steps:
Go to the Settings app.
Tap your name and proceed to 'Subscriptions'.
You will see the list of memberships - manage them as you want (cancel, pause).
If there is no 'Cancel Subscription' button, this app has already been unsubscribed from.

If you cannot find 'Subscriptions' in the Settings app, you should try to find the button in iTunes & App Store. Click your Apple ID, view it, scroll down to Subscriptions.

Option 3
You can also study Apple's help articles to get extra information and guidelines.

How to check out subscriptions and their status in iTunes using Mac or Windows PC?
Before you go…
You are almost ready to open iTunes and manage your subscriptions. Here are four aspects you should mind before doing that.
For active memberships, you will see their duration and when it will renew automatically.
For expired memberships, you can see the date when it expired. When you checked the details, click 'Done'.
You can manage subscriptions by clicking an 'Edit' button. There, you will see various details: fee, service enabling/disabling buttons, and so on.
All the information about payment in the App Store can be fetched from the Purchase History. There, you will see your expenses from your account for the whole time sorted by date.
Now you know how to find and manage your subscriptions in iTunes from any device. Don't want to do that or have no time to deal with your memberships? With INXY subscription tracker, you won't miss a payment. Get real-time information about active subscriptions, cancel them at the right time, and stop overpaying for the services you don't need anymore. On top of that, we offer an extensive knowledge base - our step-by-step tutorials will help you find subscriptions in different apps and websites.