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How to delete your Exoclick account?

ExoClick affiliate program was launched in 2006. It allows users to monetize traffic from sites on the following topics: Adult, Entertainment & Life Style, Streaming & File Sharing. Exoclick sells traffic from a network of over 100,000 sites with coverage around the world.

Exoclick supports different payment plans (CPC, CPM). In addition, there is a Smart CPM mode in which the advertiser determines the maximum admissible cost of an impression.

All types of advertising in mobile and web formats are supported, in particular:

  • text blocks;
  • banners;
  • popunders;
  • "quick message" format, as in ICQ;
  • interstitials;
  • direct link;
  • various options for embedding advertisements in the video.

In order to delete your Exoclick account, you have to contact your manager directly and explain the reasons for termination. Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form on the official website and explain that you want to delete your account (don't forget to provide reasons for cancellation). Shortly after that, you will be contacted by a manager who finishes the process.

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