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How to delete your Couchsurfing account?

Couchsurfing is a free accommodation search program for tourist trips that has gained great popularity among young people. Anyone can become a member of the program; it is enough to register on the site. Accommodation in hotels or apartment rentals takes up most of the traveler's budget. For those who love comfort and all-inclusive, Couchsurfing will not be interesting. But for tourists who spend most of their time on excursions, free accommodation abroad will be the ideal solution.

Account Deactivation

To deactivate or drop your record, snap on the "Deactivate Your Account" button at the lower part of the page.

Deactivating your record will totally erase your profile and you will at this point don't get messages from Couchsurfing. If you want to get back to the site, later on, you can easily reactivate your record by signing in to the site again and affirming that you'd prefer to reactivate it.

Not ready to log in to deactivate your record? Contact the customer support with a connection to the profile and they will actually want to assist with the deactivation.

Account Deletion

If you plan to delete the account completely and irreversibly and delete all information, it won't be a problem. Address the customer support and provide the link to your profile link alongside your solicitation. You can discover more insights regarding how we use and store your information alongside other significant data in Counchsurfing's Privacy Policy.

If you don't have time to manage your account deactivation, let the INXY team settle all these things. Our service is designed to control personal finances by keeping the track of subscriptions automatically. The tracking tool by INXY allows you to see every subscription, due dates, and payment periods. From now on, accounting becomes a matter of two clicks.

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