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How to delete a Minecraft account?

Minecraft is a popular computer game the purpose of which is to get resources, use them to build your worlds and protect them from monsters. The game was developed in 2011 by Swedish programmer Markus Persson and has become a real hit in the world of adventure games.

You can play Minecraft either alone or in groups via a local network. The game has won many prizes and, despite the simplicity of the graphics, is very popular. Today, it's not only played by individuals - it's used in various educational programs and is particularly popular among schoolers.

In order to be able to delete your account, you should be registered via Mojang. Otherwise, you have to relocate your data on Mojang Account first.

  • When it's done, proceed to and log in;
  • Once you access your account, proceed to settings, and find the corresponding button under the "Delete Account" section. Click on it and proceed with deletion;
  • You will receive an email. Open this letter, reply the questions you're asked (those are mostly about security), then enter the secret key and afterward click to erase your account.


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