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How to Cancel Your Crunch Fitness Membership

If you are a client of the Crunch Fitness network and no longer need their services, you should cancel your membership. In this detailed guide, you will find out how to make it in different ways and avoid paying for your pass.

If you are a client of the Crunch Fitness network and no longer need their services, you should cancel your membership. In this detailed guide, you will find out how to make it in different ways and avoid paying for your pass.

Crunch is a fitness center that has confidence in making physical activity fun by combining wellness and amusement and supporting the non-judgemental philosophy.

Their centers are equipped with high-end exercisers and fitness machines, as well as gym rooms, storage rooms with showers, etc. Besides, customers enjoy a wide range of classes from yoga to cardio exercises.

If you don't plan to visit the center anymore, you can cancel Crunch membership - there are several ways to do that. This article provides comprehensive guides on terminating your enrollment in detail.


Before you get down to canceling your membership, make sure that you've been a Crunch Gym client for no less than one year. Not all centers require a term contract, some are non-contract, however require a predetermined N day period notice to cancel.

Call your club to confirm this. It is Crunch Gym's rule that you can't cancel your enrollment if you have been a client for under a year. That implies you should pay extra managerial expenses for early membership termination. To check out the date of your enrollment, look at your contract or contact the gym by phone.

Cancelling Crunch Fitness Membership by Phone

Now when you have confirmed your membership in Crunch lasted for over a year, you can call 888-227-8624. Their assistance bot will ask you the contact number you provided during enrollment, however you can simply enter the number you're using right now.

Tell the administrator you are determined to terminate your subscription. The agent will request your personal number in the cetner, however if you don't remember it, you can provide your name, address, or some other details for checking your personality are okay. After the personality verification process, the agent will help and explain which fees you are required to cover. Those can be:

  • You should pay your next booked month
  • You should return your participation card to your nearby Crunch exercise center;
  • You should pay any debt before the dropping date.

Express your decision in a respectful and firm tone. Most likely, the center agent will try to convince you to maintain your enrollment and come up with special offers. To cancel your membership, you should be determined to decline these offers.

How to Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership by Email

If you don't have the opportunity to call Crunch Fitness, you can cancel your membership by writing to them. Also, you can fax a letter to the number 501-992-0802. In both message and fax, you should attach the following data:

  • Your member number;
  • Your name;
  • Payment (charging) account credentials;
  • The address of the chosen Crunch center;
  • Your signature;
  • Three bits of identification data, for example, your birthday, ID number and so on;
  • The date;
  • Your membership number.

Ending your enrollment by visiting the nearest center

This method can be considered if you fail to contact the customer support or need personal communication.

  1. Run by Crunch Gym center nearby not later than 30 days before your planned exit;

    Even if you have moved recently, you might in any case have the option to track down a center close to you - there are many locations in the USA, Canada and Great Britain. The full list of Crunch Gym centers is accessible on this page.

  2. Find an administrator. Let them know that you need to finish your current membership;

    A representative will give you the essential desk work to drop your Crunch Gym membership. If they attempt to persuade you to stay, you should provide the justification for your leaving.

  3. Pay the following planned monthly fee;

    This sum depends on your agreement conditions. This is an obligatory step if you want your cancellation to go through.

  4. Return your enrollment card to the administrator;

    You will be given a temporary pass to the center so you can keep visiting it up to your end date.

  5. Pay all debts owed to Crunch Gym.

    If you request Crunch Fitness cancellation before your first year of membership passes, you will be expected to pay an early withdrawal fee of $25 plus $175. Toward the finish of the 30-day period following your termination moment, you will cease receiving charges from Crunch Fitness.

Cancelling Crunch Fitness membership online

This method is less efficient than previous ones because you will still have to communicate with the staff of Crunch Fitness. Here's how you can terminate services online:

  1. Go to the official website and proceed to the 'Contact Us' page (Customer Support);

  2. ill the fields with appropriate data;

  3. Pick the subject as 'Other';

  4. Request to cancel participation in the field named 'Message';

  5. Tab on the 'Submit' option.

You will be contacted by a Crunch Fitness representative after that to confirm your unsubscription.

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Can I pause my Crunch Fitness subscription?

Yes, it is possible. You won't find comprehensive information about this process on the official website. Hence, it would be more appropriate to contact your gym personally.

Is there a cancellation fee?

If you terminate your membership during the first year of using the service, you will have to pay $200.

How to finish your enrollment in Canadian Crunch centers?

The above-mentioned instructions will do - the process is essentially the same. You can find more details here.

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