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How to Cancel and Delete Been Verified Account Subscription

How to cancel your Been Verified account? Let INXY show you all possible ways to manage your subscription and payments. Find out how to delete Been Verified account online or via their app. This step-by-step guide will show you several ways of terminating your membership so you can stop paying for what you don’t use anymore.

How to Cancel and Delete BeenVerified Account Subscription?

Throughout the history of their existence, search sites have changed from simply processing queries to providing very compelling instruments for searching a wide range of data. One of the most widely used tools is called BeenVerified, a New York-based company established in 2007 by R. Cohen and J. Levy.

Through the decade, BeenVerified has become one of the top personal data search sites on the web by extending its variety of elements and augmenting the enlightening data set available to its users. Alongside its acclaimed individuals search, BeenVerified offers a huge number of convenient instruments for explicit requirements. Starting from 2020, BeenVerified gets 10 million visits per month and its subscriber database now exceeds 100,000 people.

BeenVerified conveys indexed lists by brushing a huge data set of public information from many sources and incorporates openly available reports, criminal history data, property records, social media records, and so much more. Albeit this information is openly accessible, having it all present in one spot is extremely convenient.

Is BeenVerified free to utilize?

BeenVerified is a membership-based service: to exploit any of its instruments, you'll have to buy a subscription. In any case, the advantages of membership are great: subscribers get access to individual reports, telephone queries, email queries, criminal records, and that's just the beginning. Generally, it provides a great bang for the buck.

Is it easy to cancel Been Verified?

The process of unsubscribing is not complicated - we have prepared detailed guidelines to show you the way through the cancellation process. Applying for account cancellation online is the easiest way out of all, but you should be aware that the time of request processing depends on the business of the customer support - it might take you a few days or weeks. Generally, there are three ways to terminate your membership:

  • Cancel your subscription online;
  • Manage your subscription via iTunes and AppStore;
  • Contact the customer support via email or official phone.

Let’s review all these methods in detail.

How to cancel a free trial?

If you’re a new user of Been Verified, most likely, you started your exploration path with a free trial. To avoid being charged for the first payment period, you should cancel Been Verified subscription.

Generally, it’s done the same way as you would cancel a paid subscription - you need to contact customer support for that. However, processing your request may take a few days, so if you don’t want to pay for the service, you should take care of account termination in advance.

Please, note that currently, Been Verified does not provide free trials. However, the situation may change at the discretion of the company.

How to cancel your subscription online?

Follow these guidelines to cease your membership:

  1. Sign in to your BeenVerified profile;

  2. Open the ‘Contacts’ section;

  3. Create a request for the organization to end your participation;

  4. Incorporate your 9-digit part ID (you can observe it in the welcome mail you got when you opened your record or in your profile dashboard);

  5. The company will inform you by email when your profile is deleted.

How much time will it take? Everything depends on how busy customer support is: your request may be processed within an hour or within several days. Thus, you might be charged for the next payment period while you’re waiting for the response. 

If you want to cancel Been Verified account immediately, you should consider the following two methods. The choice varies upon the type of service you’re using - online or via the app.

How to cease subscription in the app using iTunes dashboard

Assuming that you bought your subscription through iTunes, you need to drop your enrollment utilizing the AppStore or your smartphone, as Apple is the one accountable for your membership, not BeenVerified.

  • Go to Settings, then open ‘iTunes & AppStore’;
  • Type your Apple ID. In the event that you turn off automatic renewal, you can, in any case, renew the service manually;
  • Sign in with your iTunes profile details if your telephone doesn't sign in consequently. Once more the application might request that you enter your Apple ID;
  • Proceed to Memberships and snap "Manage";
  • Track down BeenVerified and select it;
  • In the selection area, disable the Automatic Renewal section;
  • When your charging cycle ends, your membership will be dropped.

Note that this method allows you to cancel a subscription but does not erase your account entirely. If you want to delete your profile completely, the last methods are the quickest and the most efficient ones. 

How to cease your membership through email?

This is a great approach but the process of cancellation may also take you a few days depending on the busyness of the customer support service. 

Follow these guidelines to delete your account via customer support:

  • Send an email to to inform the organization that you need to cease your enrollment;
  • Don’t forget to mention your complete name, address, and profile ID;
  • You will be notified about profile closure in an email letter.

If you haven’t received a reply from the company or don’t have time to wait, here is the quickest way to have your account closed. 

Your 9-digit profile number can be found in the right menu of the Dashboard when you open your profile, or in your Welcome email (received when you registered)

How to cease your membership through email?

If you want to cancel Been Verified membership instantly (for example, the next payment period is close and you don’t want to be charged), the best option is to contact them via phone. 

  1. Contact the BeenVerified client support (here is their phone number and hours when managers are on line);

  2. Provide the specialist with your 9-digit part ID and request that they cancel your membership;

  3. When your membership is ceased, you will get an email affirmation.

Note that if you delete your profile, you will be able to sign in if you want to activate your subscription. When you cancel your subscription, you are allowed to use services until the end of the current payment period.  

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