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How to Cancel Your Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Subscription?

How to cancel Wall Street Journal subscription? Let INXY show you the most efficient ways to unsubscribe and save your money. The Wall Street Journal is a famous printed and online edition that is distributed six days every week. If you don’t want to receive it anymore, consider unsubscribing - it’s easier than you think. How to cancel WSJ subscription? In this article, we will cover the quickest and most efficient ways to do it, as well as get your money back.

Study the conditions of your subscription

To start with, you should evaluate your subscription agreement. 

Payment cycle

Check the charging cycle for your offline or online membership. The Wall Street Journal offers online and offline subscriptions that are charged every 90 days, 180 days or 1 year. The charging pattern of your membership will help you decide upon the best moment for unsubscription and understand whether you can ask for a refund.

  • Month to month and quarterly memberships can be cancelled whenever;
  • Semi-yearly and yearly memberships should be dropped 1-2 months before the membership closes so you can have the money in question returned for any excess months.


Find out whether you have a packaged internet based membership. Assuming you bought a web-based membership that was applicable to several gadgets, for example, a cell phone and a tablet, you will be unable to cancel your membership. Group memberships cannot be canceled and refunded by the WSJ.

Assuming you have a standard online membership that isn't packaged with another gadget, you can cancel Wall Street Journal subscription.

Source of subscription

Find out whether you bought your membership through a third-party provider. In some cases the WSJ provides membership subscription through an outsider service like Amazon. You might be dependent upon the end of subscription period for the third-party service assuming you bought your membership through one. Contact their customer support to cancel WSJ subscription.

You can likewise ask the WSJ client support to contact the third-party provider and cancel your subscription. 

If you want to perform cancellation on your own, remember that there are two options for cancelling WSJ subscription - it depends on where you live. If you reside in California and have online membership, you can terminate it utilizing the client community page. If you're not from this state, the best way to cancel is to call.

Cancel WSJ subscription via client support

For residents of California who need to cancel their membership, the process is simple:

  1. Sign in to the client community;

  2. Go to "My Account" and tap "Review Membership";

  3. Click the “Cancel" tab, open the "Memberships" page, and afterward hit the "Cancel Subscription" link.

If you cannot find necessary buttons or fail to unsubscribe, you ought to contact their customer support service.

Unsubscribe from WSJ by telephone

If you live in another state (not California), the only variant accessible is contacting the company by telephone. The number you call relies upon whether you live in the USA.

Do the following:

  1. Call the customer support and wait until you get connected with the representative;

  2. Request that they cancel your membership;

  3. Give any details they ask;

  4. Request an email of affirmation.

Non-US residents should contact the company using other phone numbers. All contacts can be found here.

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When to cancel your subscription to avoid being charged for the next cycle?

Contact the WSJ about 30 days prior to the next charging period. This will guarantee you can meet all requirements for a full or fractional discount for your membership, dependent upon the kind you have.

Assuming you get in touch with them when you are in a charging period, you will probably not get a discount for that period. For yearly memberships, it would be appropriate to call and cancel your membership no less than 1-2 months in advance so you don't need to stress over paying for the period you don't need.

Does the WSJ free subscription automatically turns into a paid membership? 

WSJ doesn't offer a free trial. It offers a paid preliminary subscription, and this membership is charged automatically. If you don’t need it, you should better contact the customer support and unsubscribe.

Does the WSJ refund readers’ cancellations? 

It relies upon the length of your membership. As a general rule, month to month and quarterly memberships are not discounted. Cancellations of semi-yearly and yearly memberships are partially refunded in case you don't terminate them over the last 30 days.

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