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Trupanion Subscription Cancellation

Calling insurance policy a subscription service might be a rather unusual idea, and yet it still falls under the definition of a subscription service as a whole. In this article we are looking at Trupanion – one of the more notable pet insurance companies with a sizable user base. There are several different subscription cancellation methods that Trupanion provides, and we are going to go over all of them one by one.

Subscriptions and memberships have quickly become a common occurrence for a modern world. Products and services are being provided in exchange to a recurring payment, and the range of possibilities is near limitless. At this point, a lot of older and more unconventional services can also be classified as subscription services, such as delivery, gym membership or even health insurance for pets.

In this context it is only natural to call a Trupanion membership a subscription service. Trupanion itself is a pet insurance provider with its main services being dog and cat insurance offers. It works in the US, as well as Australia, Puerto Rico and Canada. The company in question was established back in 1999 and has managed to build a sizable reputation and client base. 

As with any other subscription service, there might be quite a large number of reasons to cancel this subscription – be it dissatisfaction with the service as a whole, moving to a different country, or any other reason. Due to the nature of the service in question, a Trupanion subscription cannot be initiated or canceled using regular online methods.

The only method that is even remotely “online” that applies to Trupanion is using an email to initiate the subscription cancellation. Other methods are more traditional – regular mail, a phone call, or even fax. Now we are going to go over all of these cancellation methods one by one.

How to cancel Trupanion subscription via email?

A dedicated email would have to be sent to to initiate the subscription cancellation process. The email in question would have to include quite a lot of details, such as your personal information as the client (as well as the pet’s personal information) and a formal request to cancel your insurance policy. 

It is also recommended to include a request to send you a confirmation email once the subscription cancellation process has been completed. This method is the most customer-friendly out of all the cancellation methods available since it allows users to perform remote subscription cancellation.

How to cancel Trupanion subscription via regular mail or fax?

It is also possible to perform the same process using a physical letter sent to the company via mail or fax. The contents of the letter in question may be identical to what you would write in your email – your personal information, a formal request to cancel the insurance policy and a request to provide a cancellation email once the process is finished.

The letter in question can be sent via the regular mail to:

  • Trupanion Canada 201-185 Forester Street North Vancouver, BC V7H 0A6;
  • Trupanion USA 6100 4th Ave South Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98108.

The same letter can also be sent without going to the post office and using the traditional mail in the first place – the letter in question can be faxed to a specific number instead. The numbers are 866-405-4536 for the US and 877-564-5353 for Canadian users.

Current mailing addresses and numbers can always be confirmed using the official Trupanion website.

How to cancel Trupanion subscription with a phone call?

Another traditional method in the form of a phone call can also be used to cancel Trupanion subscription. In this case, it is rather hard to write about the exact steps that need to be completed for the subscription to be successfully canceled since this method implies a phone call with a living person and not an automated procedure.

It is worth noting that your identity would need to be confirmed before your request can proceed, so you have to be ready to provide your account information, at the very least. Additionally, Trupanion’s customer support has acquired quite a bad reputation over the years, so it is always recommended to ask for the confirmation email so that you know for sure that your pet insurance policy is canceled.

Trupanion customer support can be reached by calling a specific number depending on the country you’re getting the service in:

  • +61 1300 328 042 for Australia;
  • +1 888 615 8318 for Canada;
  • +1 888 733 2685 for the United States.

The validity of customer support numbers can be checked using the Trupanion official website, as described above. It is also worth noting that Trupanion does not have free trials, cannot pause the subscription in question, and would only provide its users with a refund if it was requested less than a month after the payment, with Trupanion not yet paying for any claim during said month.

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