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How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone, iPad and Mac
Many Apple and third-party services are available through subscription. This means that funds are regularly withdrawn from the user's card for the services provided. If a service is no longer needed, there is no point in paying for it. How to manage subscriptions in Apple? This article will show you how to view a list of iPhone and Mac subscriptions and cancel those you don't use.
Manage subscriptions on iPhone
There are two ways to view the list of iPhone subscriptions and cancel unnecessary ones. The first is through your Apple ID account settings.
Open the Settings menu, tap your name at the top of the screen, then select Subscriptions. You will see a list of active and canceled subscriptions.
From this window, you can also re-subscribe to selected services - Apple has placed the necessary buttons and information about the prices and expiration of plans here.
The second way of Apple app subscription management is through the App Store:
Launch the app store, and then tap on your photo in the upper right corner of the screen.
Select the "Subscriptions" section and you will be taken to the above menu where you can manage Apple subscriptions on iPhone.
Manage subscription on iPad
Apple includes subscription management on iPad, too. First, you need to check the entire list of paid apps on iPad. In particular, you should regularly look at the list of active subscriptions if you enjoy using the free trial period. In this case, you need to abandon the application or service in time so that money is not debited from your card.
Note that only with Apple ID you can manage subscriptions online. Here's how to cancel your iPad subscription.
Open "Settings".
Sign in to your Apple ID profile by clicking on your name in the upper left sidebar.
On the profile page, select "Subscriptions".
You will see a list of all services and applications that you have subscribed to through your devices linked to your Apple ID. Scroll through the list of applications, and then click on the ones that you want to remove.
Select "Unsubscribe" on the product information page.
To complete the cancellation of your subscription, you need to confirm your action. When you click "Confirm", the subscription will be officially canceled.
Manage Apple subscriptions on Mac
To cancel your Apple subscriptions on a Mac, open the App Store and click your name in the lower-left corner of the screen.
Enter your Apple ID password. When the window with your purchases and downloads opens, select the "See information" option.
Find the "Manage" section and click the "Manage" button next to the "Subscriptions" menu. manage subscriptions on Mac Open the subscription you are interested in and click the "Edit" button.
Select the "Unsubscribe" option. If there is no such option, the subscription has already been canceled.
The methods described in the article are also suitable for canceling trial subscriptions. A good example is the Apple Arcade gaming service, which Apple lets you use for free for 30 days. You must cancel your trial subscription 24 hours before its expiration date. Otherwise, the card will be charged in the amount of a monthly payment.
If you want to open Apple to manage family subscriptions, you should enter the account on which the tariff plan was registered.
If you don't see the subscription you want listed, you might have purchased it with a different Apple ID or charged it to the organizer of the family group you're a member of.
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