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How to Cancel Squarespace Domain or Website?

The website platform that is Squarespace is one of the most well-known competitors on this market, offering a variety of features and services via a subscription fee. However, since it is not the only option out there, it is only fair that some people would want to find out how to cancel Squarespace subscription.

With the Internet as a whole being as widespread and common as it is now, it is not particularly surprising how easy it is to create your own website. There is an entire market of the so-called website builders that offer multiple services using a popular subscription-based model.

Squarespace is one such service, and it is also considered to be relatively popular, being one of the most well-known services on the market. However, it is also not the only option out there, so it is not that uncommon to see people researching how to cancel Squarespace subscriptions.

Luckily enough, the process itself is not particularly complicated, but there are a few nuances that should be kept in mind, too.

How to cancel Squarespace subscription?

When it comes to Squarespace cancel subscription process, there are two main ways to do that – you can either cancel the subscription outright, or disable the auto-renewal process. Both options can be found in the same menu that you can access with a relative ease.

First of all, go to the official Squarespace website and log in with your user credentials. This should bring you to your main Squarespace page – a dashboard of sorts that shows both your website and several useful tools. What we are looking for here is the “Settings” menu marked with three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen.

Clicking it should bring up another menu with several other options, including your account preferences. In the “Preferences” category, we need the “Billing” option to proceed. This option acts as a general overview of your current active payments for websites or domains, and you can also see your invoices and payment info here. 

You should see that the “Subscriptions” menu is chosen by default, it shows all of your active subscriptions split into groups – Website and Domain. Since this instruction is about canceling a website subscription, we are choosing the former option.

Clicking on “Website” should provide you with all of the information about your current Squarespace website subscription – plan type, billing cycle, next billing date, and so on. You can also change your plan or billing cycle using the corresponding options, but it is not what we are here for. The option that interests us the most is the “Cancel Website Subscription” option, as well as the “Auto-renew” toggle under it.

These two options are the two ways to cancel Squarespace subscription that we talked about before – you can either choose the first option that is “Cancel Website Subscription” to initiate the cancellation process immediately, or you can switch off the “Auto-renew” toggle under this option for your website to keep working until the next billing cycle.

The main difference between the two is that subscription cancellation removes your website from the public eye immediately, and that is practically the only thing that is different here. You would still have about 30 days after the website subscription is canceled to export all of the necessary information before it gets deleted by Squarespace themselves, and all of the other rules work the same way, as well.

What you do have to remember here is that canceling Squarespace subscription does not automatically cancel out all of the additional options you may have purchased for this website, such as Email Campaigns, Scheduling, and even Domains – all of that would have to be canceled separately using the same “Billing” menu we talked about before.

How to cancel Squarespace domain?

As we have mentioned earlier, Squarespace treats your website and your domain as two separate entities that you have to pay for separately – which means that canceling your domain is a separate process, as well. Additionally, Squarespace offers domain owners a lot of other options aside from outright cancellation – you can either transfer the domain to a different Squarespace website or to a different provider in the first place.

However, if you are sure about canceling, the Squarespace cancel domain process itself is quite similar to the website cancellation – up to the “Billing” page that has two different options (“Website” and “Domain”). In this case, you have to press “Billing” and choose a specific domain that you want to cancel the subscription for.

The next screen would be rather different from the one we have seen at the “Website” page, offering more technical options that can be used to transfer your domain if you would want to do so. However, since this is more about subscription cancellation, the option we are looking for is “Cancel Domain”.

In both cases (that is, when pressing “Cancel Domain” and “Cancel Website Subscription”), you may be asked to confirm your intentions or to choose the reason for cancellation. It is important to go through with these (or to press the “Skip” button if it is available) to make sure that the cancellation process has been successfully initiated.

Refund policy and free trials

There are two more topics here that can correlate with the knowledge of how to cancel Squarespace subscription – free trials and refunds. Squarespace offers a free 14-day trial for its users to try all of the different capabilities of the service when it comes to creating a website, and there is no requirement to input your credit card information to get this kind of trial, either.

However, the website in question would be private and can only be accessed by specific users that have your website’s password, and you would have to upgrade to paid service to keep your website after the free trial expires. There are also no limitations when it comes to the number of trials that you can create – even though you would have to pay for each and every one of them separately if you wish to keep them.

You can also cancel your trial before it expires, by following the same procedure that we went over when learning how to cancel Squarespace website subscription, with the only difference being that you would see a “Cancel Trial” button instead of “Cancel Website” as one of your last steps.

As for the refund policy of Squarespace, it is fairly strict – you have 14 days after you paid for an annual website subscription to cancel it and be eligible for a refund, and monthly payments are not refundable whatsoever. When it comes to domain subscription refunds, the grace period is even more strict – you only have five days after the billing date to order a cancellation and a refund to be able to receive it in the first place.

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