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Cancel Shipt Subscription Online

Shipt is a famous delivery service that also has a subscription (membership) included – it offers a variety of different advantages to its users, and is rather useful in a lot of cases. However, no subscription lasts forever, and there might come a time when you would want to cancel Shipt membership – this is where our article comes in, detailing all of the different subscription cancellation methods.


Shipt is an American same-day delivery service that has both the regular delivery service with the pay-per-request model, as well as the subscription/membership service that offers various advantages such as discounts to its users. While the service itself has acquired a lot of popularity over the years, its subscription is still optional and could be disabled at almost any time.

There might be many reasons why you would want to cancel Shipt membership, as with any subscription service right now – as an attempt to cut down your monthly spendings, or if the service in question is not working out for you. The reason itself does not matter all that much – what matters is that there are multiple ways to cancel Shipt subscription, and we are going to go over each and every one of them.

How to cancel Shipt membership online

Online membership cancellation for Shipt is a fairly simple process, all things considered. The first step is to go to the Shipt official website and log in using your account credentials. Performing this step should give you access to a number of different options that are related to your Shipt account – including the one called "Review My Subscription".

The "Review My Subscription" screen shows you all of your subscription-related information, and also gives you an option to cancel the membership altogether. Choose this option to proceed with the cancellation process, and confirm your intentions when prompted – this pretty much concludes the entire process of canceling your Shipt membership online.

How to cancel Shipt membership via email

However, the official website is not the only membership cancellation method that Shipt can offer – even though it may be the fastest one. Our first alternative here would be to contact the customer support by emailing to either or

It is worth noting that this particular method is rather slow as a whole, since Shipt's response times seem to be around 3 to 4 business days, at the very least – making the cancellation process that much longer. However, it should also be fairly simple in its nature, all you have to do is to provide the information that can identify you as the Shipt user, and the customer support team should be able to cancel your membership in a relatively short time period.

How to cancel Shipt membership using a phone call

A phone call is also a viable cancellation option for a lot of different subscription services, including Shipt. To cancel Shipt membership, all you have to do is dial +1-205-502-2500 and wait for a representative of the customer support to answer the call.

In this case, you would also have to provide at least some information to the customer support representative before the cancellation request can be processed – these are basic identification procedures, after all. However, be ready to wait for the call to be answered for a considerable amount of time, since phone queues are still notoriously long in a lot of cases, despite the fact that so many things can be done using different methods.

Shipt also offers prorated refunds to the users that have canceled their memberships – an extremely useful feature for when you have paid for the subscription for a year in advance and want to stop using it before this period ends. Shipt also has a free four-weeks-long trial that automatically turns itself into an annual subscription after the free trial is over, so it is recommended to cancel it beforehand if you do not want to be charged for this particular service.

Shipt also has a dedicated mobile application, available for both iOS and Android, but when it comes to the subscription service – it cannot do anything more than canceling specific delivery orders.

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