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How to Cancel OnlyFans Subscription? How to Unsubscribe from OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is one of many subscription-based services out there, and its core is the interaction between the content creators and their users. However, not all of the content can possibly be up to each and every person’s standards, which is why we are going over different subscription cancellation methods in this article.

OnlyFans is a well-known online platform with millions of users and the focus on manifesting the ability for content creators to share content with their audiences for a subscription fee. This entire platform works on the assumption that the content in question would be able to live up to the customer’s expectations.

However, there are also people that are not satisfied with the content they paid for, as well as many other categories of users that have the same goal – to cancel OnlyFans subscription. Figuring out how to cancel OnlyFans subscription is also a relatively simple process, since OnlyFans itself exists as a website that can adapt to the user’s device – this includes mobile devices, as well as the desktop ones.

As such, we are going to answer the question “How to subscribe from OnlyFans?” in as much detail as possible, highlighting different methods and approaches to this process – starting with a desktop device.

How to cancel OnlyFans subscription online?

The knowledge of how to unsubscribe on OnlyFans using a regular desktop device – be it Windows or Mac – might be one of the easiest topics in this article, since the process itself is as uniform as it gets, and there are barely any differences from the same process in many other subscription services.

The entire OnlyFans cancel subscription process begins with the user going to the official OnlyFans website and logging in using their user credentials. The next step would be to find the creator you would want to unsubscribe from – it can be done either using your subscription list, or a search bar.

At the creator’s main page, you should see the “Subscription” category that showcases your current status in relation to this creator. This category is usually located under the creator’s “Friends” list. Click on your subscription status (usually says “Subscribed”) to initiate the process of unsubscribing from OnlyFans.

You should immediately get a pop-up window asking whether you want to disable the subscription starting from the next billing date, or you want to terminate it immediately. Since OnlyFans is a subscription-based service, first and foremost, the default option would be to disable recurring payments starting from the next billing period. That way, you should still get access to all of the content as long as your last payment lasts.

Please note that OnlyFans does not offer refunds in any circumstances, including the unused subscription periods. This makes the second option “Disable Auto-Rebill and Un-Follow” highly impractical, preventing yourself from getting access to the creator’s content for the remainder of the last billing period.

You are also prompted to enter the cancellation reason (or choose one of the several pre-made ones) before you can successfully click “YES” and cancel OnlyFans subscription for good. The information about your cancellation reasons is collected by OnlyFans purely for data analysis purposes, as well as for term violation monitoring.

How to cancel OnlyFans subscription with an iOS or Android device?

Since OnlyFans subscription is managed via web browsers when using mobile devices, the process of unsubscribing using only your mobile phone is identical to what we just went over.

Your first step would be to log in to your account on the OnlyFans website. After that you must find the creator that you want to unsubscribe from and click on your  subscription status on the creator’s page. After that, choose between stopping the automated billing and terminating the subscription immediately and enter a cancellation reason (or choose one of the existing ones). After all of that is done, choosing “Unsubscribe” should successfully cancel your OnlyFans subscription.

While it is true that Android and iOS devices often have a lot in common when it comes to subscription cancellation, this is one of the few cases when the process is identical, since web browsers use the same mobile version of a website for these devices.

How to cancel OnlyFans membership via email?

This is a method that exists mostly as a safety measure for users that cannot use the website-based cancellation, for some reason. Contacting the OnlyFans support team via works as a viable alternative for these specific cases – but this process is far longer and more complex than the aforementioned website cancellation, since you would have to wait a lot more in comparison, at the very least.

As we have mentioned before, OnlyFans does not offer refunds for its clients, no matter the case, so keep that in mind when performing the cancellation process. Additionally, all of the subscriptions on your account can be canceled at once using the process of deleting your account – you should be able to find a button called “Delete Account” in your “Settings” menu on the OnlyFans website.

On a side note, there is a rather important distinction in how OnlyFans works with the “Auto-renew” term (recurring payments on a regular basis) – as soon as you paid for a subscription once, you would be charged for the next billing period automatically as soon as the current one ends. 

This option is a default one for OnlyFans and you should keep it in mind if you only wish to have a specific creator’s content for a single billing period (a month, usually). There might be a few circumstances when the subscription would not be renewed at the end of the billing period – if the subscription payment has changed, for example, or if the credit card itself declines. 

Additionally, OnlyFans does have a free trial, and it does not automatically turn into a paid subscription once it is over.

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