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How to Cancel and Refund NordVPN?

Security concerns for regular users on the Internet have been steadily growing for a while now, and virtual private networks managed to successfully capture this audience in a relatively short time period. Right now it is a competitive market with a lot of choices for a regular customer – which makes the question of NordVPN subscription cancellation that much more relevant.


The Internet age as a whole has been an incredibly useful development for the entire planet, and there are numerous advantages that have been made possible by it. However, it would be unfair to say that the Internet only has positive sides to it – there are quite a lot of ways for the end user to be negatively affected by their experience on the worldwide web.

The obvious example here would be malware and other viruses that aim to steal a person’s data and/or try and get the person in question to pay money for said data. What is less obvious is how easy it is for someone to steal a person’s data via the most mundane methods imaginable – using an unprotected connection, such as a public WiFi. Even your own home connection might not be as secure, with both the internet service provider and the website owner being capable of collecting your data in some way or another.

One of the most popular solutions to the growing security concerns has become the usage of a VPN – a virtual private network. A VPN’s most basic use case is to protect the user’s data by giving the end user privacy and anonymity via encrypted and secure connections.

There are also many other use cases for a VPN, and not just the security-related ones. VPN can often be used to bypass regional content locks with services such as Netflix, and this is just one of many examples of how advantageous a VPN can be. For example, NordVPN might be one of the most popular VPN providers right now, promoting itself via multiple marketing channels and sponsorships, and generating a massive user base.

However, the VPN market is extremely large as of right now, meaning that you don’t have to stick to one service until the end of times – which raises a question such as “How to cancel Nord VPN?”. While the process itself is not exactly streamlined, it is still relatively simple, and the biggest difference between different cancellation methods is the way the VPN was paid for in the first place. This brings us to three general groups of cancellation methods – website, Android device, Apple device.

How to cancel NordVPN online?

Despite the fact that NordVPN does have a full-fledged desktop application, the app itself does not have all of the account management options we are looking for, so the only option here is to go to NordVPN’s official website. 

As soon as you log in, you should appear on your “Account overview” page that contains information about your current NordVPN subscription. On the left part of the page, you should see a list full of different options – including different Nord-related services, such as NordVPN, NordPass and NordLocker, and there is also a number of other options, such as “Downloads”, “Reports” and “Billing”.

“Billing” is the option we are looking for, and clicking on this link should provide you with information that is relevant to our current topic – your payment details, your billing history, and your current subscription details. Clicking on the “Subscription” sub-menu gets you to your current NordVPN subscription status – including due date, subscription time period, and some information about your payment method.

There is also a line here that reads “Auto-renewal” – and this option is exactly what we are looking for, since most of the NordVPN service calls subscription cancellation as “canceling recurring payment”. Click on “Manage” within this same line and you would be faced with a short text about what happens when you cancel your subscription right now – including how long it will last after that, and so on. Confirm your intentions by choosing “Cancel auto-renewal”.

How to cancel NordVPN using an Android device?

There are also quite a lot of people that have started their NordVPN subscription using a smartphone – this created two more ways of NordVPN subscription cancellation. The first one is applicable to Android smartphones, since it follows the same well-known process of using a Google Play Store app to cancel a subscription.

To start the process, you have to open the app in question and tap on your profile picture in the upper right corner. This should reveal a hovering menu with multiple account options, and “Payments & subscriptions” is the one that we need here. This menu also has several sub-categories, such as “Payment methods”, “Subscriptions”, etc. 

Obviously, we are choosing the “Subscriptions” option here, which brings us to a unified list of all the subscriptions that are tied to this specific Google account. Find NordVPN on the list here and click on it to reveal more information about the subscription, as well as the option to “Cancel subscription”. 

Knowing how to cancel NordVPN via an Android device also gives you an option to perform that same process using a web browser, since the course of actions is near-identical here, with the only difference being that the web version of Google Play Store gives you the ability to access your “Subscriptions” list directly from the main page.

How to cancel NordVPN with an Apple device?

The same logic applies to subscriptions that were billed using Apple devices – the logic of how to cancel Nord VPN subscription here is extremely close to the one we discussed above, with one of the few differences being that Apple devices manage their subscriptions using the “Settings” app.

How can NordVPN cancel your subscription this way? We have to start by opening the aforementioned “Settings” app and clicking on your Apple ID to access account settings. In this menu, you should see multiple account options, including the “Subscriptions” one. Access this menu to see your subscriptions that have been billed using your Apple account, and find NordVPN on the list. 

Choose “Cancel Subscription” on the NordVPN-specific page of this list to cancel this subscription. It is worth noting that the same process applies to desktop Apple devices, too – you can use either iTunes app or an App Store app (depending on your macOS version) to get access to your subscription list and cancel NordVPN the same way as we described above.

How to cancel NordVPN free trial? How to refund NordVPN subscription?

The accepted definition of a free trial is relatively simple – access to a service or subscription without paying for it. However, in NordVPN’s terms, if you paid for the subscription and then got a refund for it – then it is also a free trial. This is the definition that NordVPN goes for when promoting their 30-day free trial, and it is relatively easy to refund – canceling the subscription in question can be done using one of the methods above. 

It is still a purchase, for all intents and purposes, even if you are getting refunded if you did not find NordVPN useful in the 30-day time period. It is also worth noting that, while the subscription cancellation processes are usually relatively fast, you would have to wait for the refunded funds to appear in your bank account for about 5 to 7 business days, depending on the circumstances.

Additionally, Apple-related payments are not covered by NordVPN’s refund policy whatsoever, meaning that you would have to contact Apple’s own App Store customer support to find out if you are eligible for a refund in the first place.

In the usual circumstances, a refund can be requested using either an email (to or via a live chat with the customer support on the NordVPN website. You can also request both subscription cancellation and a refund at the same time using one of these two methods. Both of those do not have a definitive guide, since they imply interaction with actual humans from the customer support team.

It does not really matter how correct this definition of free trial is, what’s important here is that NordVPN does have an actual free trial – but this one is only seven days long, and it is only available for people that register using a Google account in the first place. The app itself does ask for the user’s credit card data, but does not charge anything for the next seven days.

Both of these free trials can be canceled using either the methods above or the customer support live chat/email method. Keep in mind that only the users that have paid for a NordVPN subscription less than 30 days ago are eligible for a refund. 

Additionally, since canceled subscriptions stop being eligible for a refund after a certain period, you would still have access to all of the NordVPN capabilities until your next billing period, even if you have already canceled the subscription in question. 

This is an important piece of information because NordVPN often puts the most of its promotional efforts towards longer subscription plans – including 2-year plans and 3-year plans. As such, canceling your NordVPN subscription more than a month after buying one such plan would mean practically nothing for you in the span of the next year or two – you would still have access to the service and would get no refund based on the time left. Customers should keep that in mind when considering purchasing a long-term VPN subscription.

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