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How to Cancel NY Times Subscription

Newspaper subscriptions can be considered one of the oldest form of subscription services that are still present to this day. The competition between different news sources is also at an all-time high, which makes the matter of subscription cancellation always relevant for a lot of people. Unfortunately, NY Times subscription cancellation is somewhat complicated, which is why this article exists in the first place.

Subscription services have never been as popular as they are right now. There are a massive number of different industries that have never been able to offer a subscription service – and yet they have one today. However, if we are going back to the roots of the subscription service as a payment model, it is difficult to imagine an industry older than the press.

A subscription for the newspaper delivery has been around for a very long time, and it still exists in the modern day – often seen as an alternative or an addition to a more modern approach. This kind of modern approach to journalism now exists in the form of a paid subscription that allows its users to see digital articles of a specific website. The New York Times is a great example of both of these systems – offering the digital subscription and the ability to deliver a physical newspaper.

At the same time, there are still a lot of different newspapers on the market, depending on the region, the target audience, the specific industry it talks about, etc. In the modern world of subscriptions, it is not an uncommon occurrence to have customers unsubscribing from a specific service for one reason or another. This brings us to the question: how can we cancel New York Times subscription?

Unfortunately, the process in question is not as simple as just clicking a button or two – you have to take into account the way your subscription was initiated in the first place, since the cancellation method tends to change a lot depending on this particular reason. As such, we would try to go over multiple different cancellation methods for The New York Times subscription below – starting with the online method.

New York Times subscription cancellation online

The NYT subscription works more or less the same way that most of the modern subscription services do nowadays – with the payment method being the biggest deciding factor when it comes to figuring out how to cancel NY Times subscription. Surprisingly enough, the original method that uses the website might be the most complicated out of them all.

The reason for that is the way NY Times handles subscription cancellation through their website – you cannot cancel your subscription that way without contacting a member of the customer support, be it with a phone call or via a live chat option. Both of these options cannot be explained step-by-step purely because you have to communicate with another person.

NY Times customer care service can be reached by calling 866-273-3612. This number is for the US residents, customer support phone numbers for other regions can be found here. The customer care service accepts calls from 7 AM to 10 PM E.T. on work days and from 7 AM to 3 PM E.T. on holidays/weekends.

If the time frame for the phone call is not suitable for you, you can try to contact a member of the customer case via the live chat that can be found here. All you have to do is to scroll down on this page and click a big black “Chat with us” button.

It is worth noting that you would have to prove your identity in some way before you can cancel your subscription – be it via personal information from your account or your billing history. It is also possible that a member of the customer care would try to convince you to keep the subscription by offering you a discount or a special deal of sorts.

New York Times subscription cancellation using Apple devices

There are also multiple billing options that can be used to purchase the NY Times subscription aside from the original website. We can start off with the Apple devices, covering both iPhone/iPad and the Mac desktops.

As with almost any other subscription service on an Apple device, we would have to use the “Settings” app. Open the app in question and you should see your Apple ID as the first line on the list. Tap your Apple ID to proceed to account-related settings, such as security, account information and subscriptions.

“Subscriptions” is the option we are looking for, and tapping it gives you a list of all the subscriptions that are associated with your Apple account at the current moment, including both active and inactive ones. Locate New York Times on this list and tap it to get more information about this specific subscription.

You should be able to see all of your subscription-related information in this specific menu, as well as the “Cancel” button. Tap it to cancel your NY Times subscription. If the button is not there, then the subscription is already inactive for your Apple account.

This NYTimes cancel subscription process is almost identical for desktop Apple devices such as Mac. The only difference would be the app that we are going to use to cancel the subscription, since the newer versions of Mac OS have the App Store as the separate application, while a lot of the older Mac OS versions still have the universal iTunes app that acts as a hub with many different capabilities.

The cancellation process itself is very similar to the one we just went over for iPhone/iPad devices. The first step would be to open the app in question and go to your account settings (usually performed by clicking on your Apple ID and choosing “View information”). After that it is nearly identical to the mobile version – find the “Subscriptions” option, choose “Edit” near it, locate NY Times on the list, click “Manage” and choose “Cancel”.

New York Times subscription cancellation using Android devices

While we just talked about how desktop and mobile Apple devices have almost identical processes of subscription cancellation, this can also be said about the Android devices. While some menus have different names, the process itself is extremely similar to what we just described.

For example, we are starting with the Google Play Store app and clicking on our profile picture to bring up account settings. Our next step would be to choose the option called “Payments & subscriptions”, which then spawns another sub-menu. This next menu has four options – “Payment methods”, “Subscriptions”, “Budget & history” and “Redeem gift code”.

The common logic suggests that the “Subscriptions” option is the one we are looking for. Tapping this option brings up a list of all the subscriptions that are tied to your Google account on this device, and you can choose each subscription to see additional details about it. Every specific subscription page also has the “Cancel Subscription” button that we have to press to cancel NY Times subscription.

New York Times subscription cancellation through PayPal

Of course, the combination of Apple and Android is not the complete list of all the possible options that the NY Times subscription can be canceled with. We can talk about at least two more different examples – PayPal and Kindle.

While it is true that PayPal is used as one of the primary methods to pay for the NY Times subscription on the official NY Times website, it is also necessary to know that you can always cancel any subscription using PayPal’s own capabilities, if there is a need for this.

Additionally, this particular process is different from everything we have described up until this point – even though there are some similarities here and there. We can start this process by going to the official PayPal website and logging in using our user credentials. After you have successfully logged in, you should see a regular PayPal welcome screen with multiple options – including the “Settings” tab that can be found near the “Log out” option (these options are often represented by symbols, and not the actual words).

The settings menu includes an overview of your PayPal information, including your name, your payment methods, etc. There are also several PayPal-specific options here, such as the “Payments” section. This section deals with everything that is payment-related with PayPal, including both the payment history and the ability to cancel automatic payments – which is exactly what we are looking for.

“Manage Automatic Payments” is the exact option that we need here, and it can be found in the Automatic Payments dashboard in the “Payments” section. After that you should be forwarded to another screen that showcases a number of user transactions that you’ve done before. In this particular step we have to locate “The New York Times” to proceed.

After locating the specific merchant that is related to your New York Times subscription, you can just click it to initiate the cancellation process. The confirmation page should also appear, in which you would have to click “Cancel Automatic Payments” to proceed. Please note that there is also another verification page after that, and the subscription cancellation process would not be complete without clicking “Done” on that specific page.

New York Times subscription cancellation for Amazon Kindle

As a digital newspaper, the NY Times subscription also exists for Amazon Kindle devices in the form of a daily or monthly subscription. Since Kindle devices are distributed by Amazon, it is only natural that they would also have their own subscription cancellation method.

This method is a bit different from the regular Amazon subscription cancellation, mostly because it is a subscription for a specific device, and not just via Amazon themselves. As such, the first step would be to log in to your Amazon account and go to the “Manage your Kindle subscriptions” page. This page can also be located as the “Content & Devices” option under the “Your Account” drop-down menu on any Amazon page.

This page showcases all of your current digital content subscriptions, and it can also be filtered using the “Newspapers” tag to make it easier to find NY Times subscriptions. As soon as you’ve found the New York Times active subscription, you should see the button called “Cancel subscription” and press it. There would be a confirmation popup window afterwards, and you’ll have to click “Cancel subscription” there, too.

This concludes the entire subscription cancellation process for Kindle devices. After the cancellation is done, you should no longer receive new NY Times issues, and would be unable to download the previous ones, as well.

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