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How to Cancel Ipsy Subscription & Membership Account?

Ipsy is a recurring subscription that gets you an assortment of beauty products on a regular basis. It is also a subscription service, and not one of the cheapest ones, either. This is why it’s no surprise when users try to cancel this particular subscription – a process that we would go through in this article.


Subscription services have grown big and managed to appear even in the most unexpected industries. It is not particularly surprising these days to see a video-on-demand service subscription, for example – but the market is a lot smaller when it comes to something extremely specific, like beauty products.

Surprisingly enough, even the beauty product market has its own subscriptions to various products and services. Ipsy is one such example, offering a monthly bag of cosmetic samples titled the Glam Bag. This bag is guaranteed to have five or more different items, which may or may not be nail and skin products, skincare items, perfumes, and so on.

However, Ipsy is still a subscription service, and no subscription service lasts a lifetime – meaning that pretty much every user would want to cancel the subscription in question, sooner or later. Luckily enough, Ipsy subscription cancellation process is extremely straightforward and leaves little to no room for error.

How to cancel Ipsy membership online?

The first step that you would have to go through is to go to the official Ipsy website and log in using your user credentials. Now you should be able to see your username, click on it to see the new "Account" page. This page has a lot of different options, with "Edit account settings" being the one we are searching for.

After that, there are two more operations left – click "Membership", and "Manage membership" directly after that. This sequence of actions would lead you to a page that lists all of your subscription-related information, including Ipsy subscription cancellation, subscription pausing, and so on.

To cancel Ipsy account, you would have to choose the "Help me stop my membership" option. Please make sure that you're pressing the correct option from this point on, since Ipsy makes every button that does not lead to subscription cancellation as big and bright as possible, which is why it is possible to mistake one such button for the subscription cancellation option.

The first window you would see after pressing the "Help me stop my membership" button would ask you if you would want to skip a month of your membership, instead. Choose "Continue cancellation" to proceed.

As a part of Ipsy's cancellation process, you would have to also choose either one or two reasons for cancellation, as well. Confirm your choices and wait for the email to come that includes a subscription cancellation link. Clicking the link in your email should finalize the entire process of canceling Ipsy subscription.

If you want to know how to cancel Ipsy membership, this method above is practically the only one that exists so far. As we have mentioned before, you can also pause your subscription for a period of one, two or three months – this can be done at the "Manage membership" page of the guide above.

It is important to mention that the cancellation should be confirmed before the last day of the month so that you would not get charged for the next month's Glam Bag. Additionally, if your membership is an annual one, you would still get all of the Glam Bags you paid for even after you cancel this membership.

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