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How to Cancel Instacart Membership and Delete Account?

Instacart is one of many different food delivery services that are extremely convenient for a lot of people. Since the competition is at its highest, it is only natural that some users would want to cancel an Instacart subscription or even delete their entire account – and this article aims to help you with that.


The digital age as a whole brought a massive amount of the so-called “quality-of-life” services that are supposed to make the day-to-day life of a regular person that much easier. From this standpoint, one of the most popular categories is grocery delivery services, offering the ability to acquire a variety of different food items without leaving your house.

As with almost any relatively new sphere of work, the food delivery service as a whole is an incredibly competitive market with many different services that most people have heard of at some point, such as Uber Eats, DoorDash or Instacart. As such, canceling subscriptions and/or account deletion is an action that comes up relatively often, especially with the market in question being as competitive as it is now.

The clients could have many reasons for account deletion, and the same could be said for the subscription cancellation as a process. What is important here is that both of these processes can be rather confusing to begin with – which makes a number of people incapable of doing what they want with their account or subscription.

In this particular situation, our main example is Instacart – a food delivery service that works using a rather standard process of food delivery. The client places an order with the service in question, the freelance shopper picks up and checks out the necessary items, and then that same person then delivers the contents of the order to the client in question.

As with many of these services, the number of shops available is rather large (including massive networks such as Costco or Publix), and the client has to pay for each order separately. However, Instacart also has a paid subscription service that is supposed to be incredibly convenient for people that use Instacart regularly – offering free delivery for large orders, reduced service fees, and so on. 

Since this is a subscription service in a competitive market, it is only natural that the client would want this membership canceled at some point in their lives. They may even decide to delete their Instacart account, as well. To make that process easier, we are going to go over all of the different methods that could be used to cancel this specific subscription. Additionally, you can also learn how to delete Instacart account here.

How to cancel Instacart subscription with a mobile app

Our first example would be focused on mobile apps – including both Android and iPhone/iPad devices. This kind of interaction with a food delivery service is much more convenient for your everyday life than using your desktop to purchase something on a regular basis.

The first step here would be to open the app in question. At this point, you are probably already logged in to your Instacart account – if not, you should do so to proceed. The next step would be to tap the icon located in the upper left part of the screen, marked with three horizontal lines – this is the settings menu.

The following screen should give you a number of different options about your Instacart account, such as your order history, your account settings, and so on. The option we are looking for is called “Instacart Express” – that is the name of Instacart’s paid subscription.

Choosing this option gives you an overview of your Instacart Express options, and scrolling down also provides you with a button called “Cancel membership”. After you’ve tapped “Cancel membership”, you would have to do it again, since Instacart shows you a screen with the number of days that your subscription has remaining, as well as the ability to set a reminder for you to be notified when the subscription in question is going to end.

Choose “Continue to cancel” here to proceed. The next step is going to be all about providing your cancellation reason by choosing one of the several different ones. Choose one or several options and click “Select” to finish this step, and tapping “Cancel” afterwards ends the entire subscription cancellation process for Instacart.

How to cancel Instacart subscription on desktop

To be fair, the process of canceling Instacart subscription using a desktop device is rather similar to what we just went over with the mobile device subscription cancellation. There are only a few differences here and there, but the core process is still the same.

Subscription cancellation starts with going to the official Instacart website and logging in using your own user credentials. After that, you should be able to see multiple useful options in the upper right corner of your screen, such as the “Cart” button and the “Help” button. Additionally, there is also an “Account” button, and this last button is the one we are looking for.

Clicking “Account” provides you with a drop-down menu that has multiple options. You may notice here that these options are strikingly similar to the list of options that we can see in the mobile Instacart app after tapping the “three lines” icon. As with that process, we also have to press “Instacart Express” here.

All of the remaining steps are also similar to the cancellation process with a mobile app. You have to press the “End membership” button by scrolling down on the “Instacart Express” page, and confirm your cancellation intent on the next page with the “Continue to cancel” button.

You would also have to provide your reason for cancellation, and click a button that shows your subscription end date (for example, “End on January 19th, 2022”). This is the end of the entire process, we have successfully managed to cancel Instacart membership service called “Instacart Express”.

How to cancel Instacart order?

We also have to cover instances of users who just want to cancel a single order, and not the entire subscription as a whole. The process here would be nearly identical on both the mobile app and the desktop device, and we can use several steps from the previous guide as a starting point. 

Now we can start learning how to cancel Instacart orders. The first step would be to log in to your Instacart account and locate the “Account” menu that can be found by clicking on the “Account” button on the desktop (or clicking on three horizontal lines in the mobile app). After that, we need the option called “Your Orders”.

This particular option brings up a list of orders that have been collected using your account, including the ones that are not yet delivered. To cancel a specific order, locate it in the overall order list and choose “View order detail” near it (or just tap the order in question for mobile devices).

The next screen shows all of the information that pertains to this specific order – including the option to cancel it. Click “Cancel Order” to proceed, and confirm your intentions by choosing “Cancel my order” in the pop-up screen that appears. Please note that you are also given an option to reschedule the order in question, if the wrong time frame is the reason for order cancellation.

Additionally, it is important to remember that you would only get a refund for your order with no fees if the delivery person that processes your specific order has not yet started shopping for it.

How to delete Instacart account

We went over the knowledge of how to cancel Instacart subscription and explained it to the best of our ability. However, nothing is as simple when it comes to account deletion. For starters, there is no way to delete your Instacart account online, at all. The only option that the service provides is to reach out to their customer support and perform the deletion process manually.

There are several ways to approach Instacart customer support in terms of account deletion. There is a phone number (888-246-7822), an email (, and even a live chat at their own “Help” page (you have to be logged in to use this feature, and it might not be able to help you with the account deletion).

Remember that account deletion as a process would most likely require some sort of identity confirmation, such as the name associated with the account, as well as the phone number and/or the email address that were used while creating this particular account.

Instacart also provides its users with both a free trial and a potential refund capability, but both of these options are extremely straightforward. The free trial is 14 days long and would automatically turn into a paid subscription at the end of the free trial time frame (using the credit card info that you have to input to create an account in the first place).

A refund is also possible, with a similar time frame – you have only 15 days after paying for Instacart Express to request and receive both a subscription cancellation and a refund. This action would end your Instacart Express subscription instantly, while in any other case you would still have access to all of the features until the next billing date, and you would not be eligible for a refund.

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