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How to Cancel Fitness Connection Membership?

How to cancel Fitness Connection membership? These step-by-step guides will help you stop paying for the pass - cancel by mail, phone or online. Don’t want to visit Fitness Connection anymore? Find out how to cancel your membership in different ways: online, by phone or via email. Just follow our step-by-step guides and find out how INXY can help you.

Fitness Connection is a network of gyms that offer the whole gamut of facilities: swimming pools, spas, saunas and so much more. Centers are opened in Nevada and Raleigh. They provide all essential conditions for convenient exercising, but if you don't want to visit the gym anymore, this guide will help you cancel Fitness Connection membership.

There are several steps to contact the customer support and cancel your membership - some of them will help you terminate your pass instantly, some take more time.

Online Fitness Connection cancellation - the easiest way

You can cancel Fitness Connection on the web by following a few simple steps:

  1. Request the scanner tag number hat goes together with your club account;

    Contact your nearby Fitness Connection center and request the scanner tag number that goes together with your club account.

  2. Go to the Fitness Connection site to observe the cancellation process;

  3. Follow the guidelines;

  4. Provide your email address;

  5. After you present the request, you'll receive an email letter with the individual case number;

  6. Present the case number to Fitness Connection representatives;

    This affirms your cancellation.

  7. You will get a 30-day notice after your record is dropped.

This process takes little time and effort becayse steps are easy and clear. So if you have enough spare time, you can opt for this method.

Cancel membership via phone

If you don't have time to wait, for example, you've got the next cycle payment coming, try this option. When you contact Fitness Connection by phone, you have all chances to have your issue solved instantly.

Here's what you should do:

  1. To begin with, visit the closest fitness center and request your personal tag number;

    You can also find the credentials of your Fitness Connection participation account on the website.

  2. Dial the Customer Care Service number;

    Contacts can be found here and ask to drop the Fitness Connection participation.

  3. At the moment when you're readdressed to a live representative, provide all the details of your record.

    Clearly explain that you intend to terminate your membership. The administrator may try to persuade you to stay, but you should be able to tell the reasons for your leaving.

After the conversation you will receive a letter that confirms your unsubscription. If you see no changes in your membership status after a few hours, contact the fitness center one more time.

Cancel Fitness Connection membership via email

If you have enough time, you can contact the fitness in written form. To terminate your membership through an email, do the following:

  1. Write an email and send it to the organization;

    Customer support email - and don't forget to provide the credentials of your profile, including your complete name, your location, and birth date.

  2. Next, write the request to drop your membership.

Once your request is approved, an affirmation mail will be conveyed to the email you specified when buying your membership for the first time.

Cancel your membership by writing a letter

Although this approach seems to be outdated, it is still available. Note that this type of cancellation requires much time, so be prepared to wait for a few weeks.

Compose a letter including your complete name, address of your area, the justification behind your participation abrogation, and the membership ID on the back of the card. Then send it to the customer support department at:

Fitness Connection

16969 North Texas Avenue Suite 500.

Webster, TX 77598.

In this way, Fitness Connection charges $0 as a crossing out expense on enrollment cancellation. However, be prepared to provide a persuading reason for your cancellation. For example, you can state you have some problems with health.

If you have the next payment coming soon, writing an email or letter isn't the best solution because you will have to wait days or weeks for their reply.

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Do I have access to all amendments with enrollment?

At Fitness Connection, ALL members can use ALL conveniences. They do not divide between standard and premium subscriptions in a single center. You will keep on having single center access, except if you might want to refine your enrollment to all center access (for example, visit all 15 centers in your city or state), which you can do at the club.

What do I say to cancel my fitness center enrollment? 

You can use the following formulation:

Under the current terms, I really want to cancel something like [1 month] before the termination date, so I'm just doing it beforehand. I accept you need back my enrollment card, storage keys, and the wristband. Please inform me if I missed something. Please, notify me once my cancellation request is processed.

How can I end an exercise center enrollment without paying? 

You can terminate your membership without paying if you are sick or unemployed. Most exercise centers incorporate a condition that permits you to drop assuming you comply with certain terms in the agreement.

Might I at any point drop a year-long membership agreement? 

As a rule, the organization will charge you the full cost of annual subscription even if you decide to quit earlier. There are a couple of conditions when you could possibly drop without paying a charge: some of them are mentioned in the agreement (trauma, sickness, loss of job). Even in case of an emergency, you'll need to give a notification term (as a rule, one month).

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