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How to Cancel Experian Subscription? How to Unsubscribe from Experian?

Find out how to cancel your Experian subscription using different methods - INXY is here to guide you step by step. In spite of the fact that Experian is one of the most valuable services for finance management, at some moment, you may decide you don't need this membership anymore. The step-by-step guides in this article will help you cancel Experian membership.

Experian is an organization that provides users with debt and credit reports, payment histories and so much more. It stores information from more than a billion users and helps them manage finances efficiently. However, the service comes at a fixed price of $10-$30 per month, and if you don't need it anymore, these guides will help you cease your membership and stop paying in vain.

You can terminate your membership by using several approaches:

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  • Doing it online via your profile settings;
  • Contacting customer support by phone;
  • Send email to the customer support department.

How to cancel Experian membership online?

You can cancel Experian membership online on the official website. However, if you sign in via, your membership deletion process won't be successful. Follow these steps to unsubscribe:

  1. Sign in via into your profile;

  2. When you are offered to add different records, click on 'No, Show me just my Experian Credit Info';

  3. Find 'Cancel my subscription';

  4. Select the reason for dropping;

  5. Finally, affirm unsubscription.

In most cases, membership is cancelled immediately, so you don't have to worry about the next payment cycle coming - you won't be charged. Should you have any questions concerning your profile, you can find some answers in their Help Center. By the way, you can utilize all the features included in the subscription before the finish of the current payment cycle.

How to cancel Experian account in a phone call?

If you cannot access your profile online or don't have Internet connection, you should consider contacting the customer support via phone. Don't forget to prepare personal credentials mentioned in point 2.

  1. Contact the Customer Service;

    You want to dial the Experian cancel membership number 1-(877) 284-7942 and call service executors directly.

  2. Provide required information;

    You will be asked to give ample information about your profile, for example, SSN, bank card number, account number, and so on.

  3. Follow up;

    Adhere to the directions cautiously so you may reach out to the Experian representative sooner. Press "1" for memberships subscriptions and afterward "1" to arrive at billing and membership memberships.

  4. Cancel the subscription;

    When a representative picks up the phone, ask them to cancel Experian subscription in your profile. Provide detailed data about your profile whenever expected during the procedure.

  5. Keep note of the agent, the cancellation date, and affirmation number.

    Write down these details because you might need them after cancelling your membership - they are sometimes asked by the customer support.

After processing your request, the company will send you a letter confirming your unsubscription. Alternatively, you can check this out in your profile on the official website.

How to cancel Experian membership via email?

You can cease Experian membership by sending an email. This approach might take more time to perform, so be prepared to wait for a few days. You can save the messages sent by you as a type of confirmation for additional reference.

Follow these steps:

  1. Create an Email;

    First and foremost, you need to create a letter with the subject of Experian membership cancellation.

  2. Include all details and individual data;

    While composing the mail, you should likewise remember to incorporate all the data and insights about your profile. This unsubscription number of four digits should likewise be remembered for the letter.

  3. Use a corporate email address;

    Use a corporate email address to send your questions in regards to the cancellation of the Experian membership: use the address

  4. You can follow the email;

    You can follow the email assuming you are a user of Experian Credit Tracker.

  5. Request the affirmation mail;

    Request the affirmation mail. When your Experian membership is finished, you are likely to receive an automatically generated confirmation letter. But if no answer is sent, you should contact the customer support and request this email.

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How to cancel Experian credit report?

Contact the customer support. Use one of the above-mentioned methods - contact by phone or in email and state exactly that you want to cancel your credit report. Don't forget to provide your profile credentials.

How to Cancel Experian Subscription in the UK? 

Experian allows all of its users the option to cancel their membership when they need to, yet the one thing you should remember is that you need to inform the organization about cancellation around 14 days in advance of your unsubscription date. Customer support can be contacted by sending letters or via telephone.

If you are a UK-based user, dial the number 08005610083 to contact their customer support service and state clearly why you need to cancel your membership. Alternatively, you can send email to the address

Will I be charged if I sign up for a free trial? 

According to Reddit users, this is a tricky part: when creating an account for a free trial, the company requires you to share your credit card credentials. You are charged $1 for checking your card (this sum is returned), but when the 30-day free trial period is over, you will be automatically charged for the first payment period. Beware of this rule - unsubscribe before the trial period ends if you don't need Experian services.

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