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Curology Subscription Cancelation

Subscription services such as Curology may seem unusual at first, but they still adhere to the same logic that most of the subscription services do – including always having a possibility of a user canceling the subscription for one reason or another. This article goes over this particular topic, including cancellation methods and several other questions.

There are many different examples of how subscriptions to different services have become the norm for a lot of people all over the world. Some of the examples are fairly common, such as a video streaming service, or a gym membership. But there are also other examples that are far more unusual to see in this field – and Curology is one of them.

Curology is an online skin care platform that offers a multitude of features mostly focused around consultation and creating a personalized skin care formula for each client. There are also virtual assessments, product delivery, and more. However, no matter how uncommon Curology may seem from the get-go, it is still a subscription service that follows roughly the same rule set.

As such, it is not uncommon for users to try and cancel their Curology subscription. It may be because the skin care product did not work for them, or their treatment course is over, or it may just be an effort to cut down monthly spendings. The reason for cancellation is not that important.

What is important is that there are not that many ways to cancel Curology subscription in the first place. Luckily enough, their main cancellation option is via their official website – and it is fairly easy. Additionally, there is a bit more complex alternative with an email, as well. To showcase the process in a bit more detail, we can go over both of these methods separately.

How to cancel Curology subscription online

The official Curology website is where this process begins, and the first step is to input your user credentials to log in to your personal Curology account. After that, you should be able to find a drop-down menu near your profile name with multiple different options. The option we are looking for is "Payment".

The "Payment" page represents all of your payment info for Curology, you would have to scroll down to see a button called "I want to cancel". It is worth noting that Curology asks its users several questions about their experience with the service before completing the cancellation request, so it is important to finish the entire process.

One of the last steps here would be to provide your reasoning for cancellation, after that you should be able to confirm the cancellation process in its entirety. It is necessary to receive a confirmation email after you're done with this process so that you have proof of your cancellation – and it is highly recommended to contact customer support if such a letter was not delivered.

How to cancel Curology subscription with an email

Speaking of emails, another answer to the question "How to cancel Curology subscription?" is to use an email to contact their customer support in the first place. You would have to confirm your identity before your cancellation request gets processed, but it is still a working alternative for this particular action.

While Curology does have a free 30-day trial, the user in question would still have to pay for the shipping and handling operations – and the free trial would automatically charge the user's account and turn into a paid subscription if not canceled beforehand.

On a side note

Curology recommends its users to not cancel the subscription if the prescription is not working immediately, because it usually takes up to two or three months for the medicine to become effective. There is also a 90-day back guarantee (including the free trial period) that Curology offers, and you would have to request a refund before the 90th day after your treatment plan was deemed completed.

There is also an alternative to canceling Curology subscription altogether, and that is to pause your subscription. This must be done at least 1-2 business days before the next order is processed for you to successfully pause the subscription in question.

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