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How to Cancel Crunchyroll Subscription and Delete Your Account?

How to cancel your Crunchyroll membership? Let INXY show you all possible ways to manage your subscription and payments. Find out how to cancel Crunchyroll subscription on your own or by contacting their customer support. These comprehensive instructions will guide you step-by-step through the cancellation process.

Crunchyroll was once the main streaming platform to offer a wide assortment of anime films and cartoons, however presently it has been outperformed by well-known platforms like Netflix. Hence, if you want to cease your Crunchyroll subscription, you can cancel one of the three paid participation levels - Fan, Mega Fan, and Ultra Fan. Your subscription will terminate one day before the payment charging date, and from that point forward, return to a free membership.

You should know that dropping your paid membership won't erase your whole profile. You'll have to go through an extra procedure if you plan to totally delete your account.

Without further ado, let’s review all possible ways to cancel Crunchyroll membership.

How to terminate your premium subscription?

This is the most effective method to cancel premium Crunchyroll subscription

  1. Open an internet browser and go to;

  2. Log into your profile;

  3. Open the profile tab - the button is located in the upper right area of the home page;

  4. Select Settings starting from the drop-down menu;

    Once signed in on the Crunchyroll landing page, access the Settings menu.

  5. Under the profile settings area, click on Premium Membership Status;

  6. Tap on the ‘Terminate Membership’ button under your enrollment subtleties;

  7. The participation status page shows your Crunchyroll membership level and subscription data;

  8. After clicking, upi will see a pop-up window with the message asking you to affirm cancellation. Click OK.

It will take you a couple of minutes:

Note that:

Your subscription will be closed within 24 hours - this is the standard time for processing your request.

How to cancel a Crunchyroll subscription with free membership?

If you have not subscribed for a paid plan yet and don’t want to pay for the services, you should cancel your membership before the first charging date. This can be done in a few steps:

  1. Open the official website and sign in to your Crunchyroll account;

  2. Go to;

  3. A message will appear asking why you're canceling your subscription;

    Beneath, you will notice the "Deactivate Now" button - tap on it. Note that "Nuking" your Crunchyroll account is an action that can't be reversed.

  4. A pop-up message will ask if you really want to unsubscribe. Click OK.

If you ever decide to start using Crunchyroll services again, it’s necessary to generate a new account.

How to terminate your subscription via PayPal?

If you don’t have access to the Crunchyroll official website, you can manage your paid subscriptions through the payment services used to cover your charges. One of them is PayPal. 

Here’s how you can unsubscribe via their interface:

  1. Log into;

  2. Observe the last Crunchyroll charge and select the payment;

  3. When the detailed payment data is fetched, select the 'Overview Crunchyroll Payments' line;

  4. A window with Billing Details will spring up;

    Near the 'Status' section, you will see the 'Cancel' button. Select the second one if you want to finish making automatic payments through your PayPal account

  5. Select 'Yes' for affirming your decision - it proves you refuse from repeating payments;

  6. Subscription status on the 'Charging Details' page will presently show as cancelled.

How to cancel subscription from your Roku streaming gadget?How to terminate your subscription via iTunes or iPhone?

If you access Crunchyroll streaming services from your Roku gadget, you can cancel your subscription by using the device. Note that cancelling your subscription on Xbox is done in pretty much the same way.

  1. Tap on the ‘Home’ option on the remote;

  2. Feature the app you wish to terminate by using your controll pad - it’s located in the focal point of your Roku remote;

  3. Press the ‘Star’ (*) on your device to open the options menu;

  4. Select ‘Manage membership’ to see the recharging date and access extra options;

  5. To terminate your subscription, select ‘Cancel membership’;

    A message will pop up affirming the time span of services, used content and access mode.

  6. At the point when offered, select ‘Cancel membership’;

    Roku will show a pop-up affirming service termination and your last day of subscription.

  7. Choose ‘Done’.

How to terminate your subscription via iTunes or iPhone?

This is another method that proves efficient when you don’t have access to your profile on the official Crunchyroll website. Also, this is the best way to terminate membership when you initially subscribed via iTunes.

  1. To cancel the service using your iPhone, you should have a browser. Safari will do;

    When you open it, select the ‘Menu’ tab in the upper right area of your display - you will notice three white lines.

  2. Also, hit the ‘Settings’ tab - you will see a white gear sign there;

  3. Select Premium memberships from the rundown menu;

  4. If your membership is active, it will go under the name of "Active Premium Subscriptions";

  5. Hit the drop button to cease your membership;

  6. You can perform the same steps to drop through iTunes;

  7. In any case, the main thing that you really want to do is sign into iTunes and unsubscribe from VRV using this program.

How to terminate your membership via your Android device?

Before you cancel your Crunchyroll membership on Android, keep in mind that erasing the Crunchyroll application alone won't cease it. Follow the guidelines underneath:

  1. Open GooglePlay Store;

    Assuming you have numerous Google accounts, make sure you're entering into the right one.

  2. Click on the menu, then go to "Memberships";

  3. Pick the Crunchyroll membership you want to cease and tap on the "Cancel Subscription" tab;

  4. Follow the instructions;

  5. When your Crunchyroll membership has been eliminated from Google Play, your automatic payments will end.


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