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Canceling Care/of Subscription

The rise of subscription services led to a whole new industry appearing that offers all kinds of products using the aforementioned subscription model. One of many product types that can be delivered that way is vitamins, and Care/of is a great example of such a company. This article describes how to cancel Care/of subscription in several different ways, as well as some other information regarding the service in question.

The rise of both the Internet as a whole and the delivery services in particular has become a great starting point for a whole new branch of delivery services. These new delivery services work the same way that the age-old physical newspaper delivery subscriptions work – but they cover a lot of different areas and products, including food, skin care, vitamins, and so on, and so forth.

The last example is the one we are going to be talking about today – the vitamin delivery industry. Most of the time these services work on a subscription of sorts, with monthly payments for specific services and products, which makes them subscription services.

What is Care/of?

Care/of is one such service, offering personalized supplement and vitamin sets to its users for a monthly fee. Each user starts with taking a relatively short quiz so that the service can learn about the user’s preferences before deciding on what kind of vitamins they have to deliver to this specific user.

As with any subscription service, it never hurts to learn how to cancel Care/of or any other service, since there might come a time when you would want this subscription canceled, for one reason or another. It may be that you are not satisfied with the products,  not pleased with the results the supplements give you, or just looking to reduce your monthly spendings.

The reason itself does not matter that much, what matters is the cancellation process as a whole. When it comes to Care/of, there are technically two ways to cancel your subscription, but they would be both explained in one paragraph for reasons that we are going to go over a bit later. There are two main ways to cancel Care/of subscription – using the official website and via the mobile app.

How to cancel Care/of online?

Using the official Care/of website is our first subscription cancellation method, and it is relatively simple. As with most cases, our first step would be to go to the website in question and use your user credentials to log in. Next, you should see your account name at the top of the page, and clicking it is supposed to give you a drop-down menu.

This menu includes several options, but the one we need here is called “Your Plan”. This particular menu includes all of your settings and information that are related to your current plan, you can change your plan here, pause your subscription or just straight-up cancel it.

Our next step is to choose the “Account Settings” option, followed by the “Manage Subscriptions” button – bringing us to actual links and settings that initiate the subscription cancellation process. This is where the process deviates from what you’d expect.

You can always click “Edit” and “Cancel” in quick succession to cancel your Care/of subscription the traditional way, but you can also choose the “Pause” option in that same menu to pause your subscription. While this option does say “Pause”, you’re effectively canceling Care/of subscription that way, so both options should be applicable.

Care/of also has a mobile application to help with your order customization, subscription management, and so on. This is where we would transition to explaining how different the cancellation process is for this device type, but that is not needed at all. 

In fact, the cancellation process for both website and mobile app is nearly identical, with the only differences being the way these devices work (tapping on images and options instead of clicking on them, etc.). Other than that, there are little to no differences between the two, which makes it useless to describe the same process twice in a row.

It is worth mentioning that canceling or pausing your Care/of subscription does not cancel any ongoing orders with the “in-process” status – all of these should be easily viewable by going to the “Order History” page. Care/of also offers quite a lot of customization when it comes to how often you are going to receive your packages with vitamins.

Additionally, Care/of does have a refund policy, but it is extremely specific, offering a full refund for the first delivery if the complaint was registered less than 30 days after the delivery itself.

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