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How to Cancel Blue Apron Subscription and Delete Your Account?

Find out how to cancel Blue Apron delivery services in different ways: online, via email or phone. Besides, we will figure out how to refuse delivery of certain food categories or switch your plan if you don’t want to terminate the service entirely.

Find out how to cancel Blue Apron delivery services in different ways: online, via email or phone. Besides, we will figure out how to refuse delivery of certain food categories or switch your plan if you don't want to terminate the service entirely.

Those who don't have time for grocery shopping and regular cooking praise Blue Apron, food delivery service that helps customers with menu planning. They provide half-ready meals almost without waste, so you can spend much less time on preparations. However, the convenience comes with a costly subscription which means you have to pay on a regular basis (you cannot purchase single boxes). 'How do I cancel Blue Apron delivery?' - customers often ask. This article will show you the ways.

The simplest method: cancel Blue Apron online

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the official website;

    Open your web browser and navigate to the official website Except if you utilize a particular link that will guide you toward cancelling your record, we recommend you to skip week to week dinners while exploring the Blue Apron site.

  2. Click "Drop Your Account";

    You'll be sent to a 'Manage Your Account' page, but with quick access to the alternate way for account cancellation. Click "Drop Your Account."

  3. Select "Terminate Account" to finish the procedure.Click "Drop Your Account";

    If you want, you can choose a reason why you cancel Blue Apron account (this is not an obligatory option). Then go to the bottom of the page, and select "Terminate Account" to finish the procedure.

  4. That's it.

    You can reactivate your profile right away assuming you've changed your decision, or later by logging back to the official website.

How to cancel Blue Apron via mail

It will take you a couple of minutes:

  • Address the customer support by sending a letter to, mentioning that you want to cancel your enrollment;
  • Add all your personal data and record subtleties in the email (you used this information to create your profile on the website;
  • When their customer support reads your email, their agents will either cancel your subscription immediately, or will answer with additional guidelines on the easiest method to terminate your services.

Once your subscription is deactivated, you will receive an email letter approving that.

Cancel Blue Apron subscription via phone

Need an instant response? Then it's better to call the company:

  • Dial 888-278-4349 to contact the customer support;
  • Ensure you have all your profile subtleties prepared;
  • Request that the organization rep to cancel your membership. Adhere to their directions.

In this case, the procedure may take you some time, but you will be able to terminate the subscription right away. This is a convenient method when you have the next payment cycle coming and don't want to be charged for the food you won't need.

How to cancel particular Blue Apron orders?

Say, you are planning to leave for holidays and want to pause your delivery services. You have such an option. Do the following:

  1. Open the official website and proceed to your profile;

  2. Choose the 'Upcoming' tab in the upper menu;

  3. Click on the "Oversee Delivery" button;

  4. Pick the "Cancel This Delivery" tab;

  5. Confirm your choice.

    A message will spring up inquiring whether you are sure about your choice. Pushing on the skip button will allow you to refuse from the order for the week.

What if you don't need certain categories of groceries? How do you cancel Blue Apron delivery partially?

  1. Sign into your profile on the website;

  2. Go to 'Manage';

  3. Tap on 'Drop Meal' or 'Drop Wine Deliveries';

  4. Cancel particular orders.

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Can I have my money returned after I cancel Blue Apron account?

Having a fair amount of money returned for your membership is almost impossible, yet you can attempt to convince the client support to give you a discount. Assuming there are any orders for you set apart as "processing" or "delivered", the organization will charge you for them regardless of whether your record is shut. They will still be sent to you.

Can I pause my Blue Apron membership anytime instead of dropping it? 

You can't freeze your record totally, yet you can delay explicit orders. For doing it, go to the 'Oversee Delivery' tab and snap on "Skip This Delivery".

Will I be charged once my free testing period terminates? 

Sometimes (during the promo periods), the organization gives its new customers a free trial that lasts one week. If you don't want the organization to transform your testing period into a paid membership, you should refuse the service before trial terminates. Otherwise, Blue Apron will activate your full-fledged enrollment and charge you via your bank card.

Do subscriptions in Blue Apron renew automatically? 

Yes, they will keep on conveying you weekly dinners or monthly wine, except if you choose to postpone deliveries or cancel your account. When registering, you have to provide your bank card credentials, so payments are made automatically. Terminate your subscription if you no longer need delivery services.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime? 

Yes, even if you are a new user, you have such an option. There is no requirement to time commitment, so you are free to pause your deliveries or terminate subscription any time.

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