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How to check and cancel Apple Music subscription?

Apple Music is a massive music streaming service that have been working on the market for a while now – but it’s fair to say that not everyone enjoys it. The reason is not that important, the important thing here is the fact that not everyone might know how to cancel Apple Music subscription in the first place – and we’ll try to fix this problem.

You can form playlists on the web and manage tracks from the iTunes Store and tune in to playlists made by music experts. Apple Music likewise incorporates radio broadcasts, tunable stations like iTunes Radio, and the Connect service, which allows users to stay in touch with artists and celebrities.

Apple gives three months of free Apple Music testing to every single new client, in return for Mastercard payment credentials. The membership means once a free subscription is over, a user will be automatically charged when it renews.

Let's imagine that you want to cancel your subscription, for pretty much any reason. Maybe you're not satisfied with the service itself, maybe you don't want the free trial to turn into a paid membership, or you've found a better streaming service for yourself – you can cancel Apple Music subscription using most of the devices you're working with on a daily basis.

To make the navigation easier, we're going to split all of the methods into four different groups based on the device type: desktop device, Apple smartphone, Android smartphone, and Apple TV. There is a slight variation there, too – while both Apple TV and iPhone categories have only one option each, both desktop device and Android smartphone groups have several different approaches to subscription management that are not mutually exclusive.

Apple Music cancel subscription using web services

While there are two major device types that you could be using to do this exact operation (Windows-based or a Mac device), the process itself does not really change that much, so the instruction stays the same. The first possibility here is to use the Apple Music website to cancel your subscription. This one is no different for any desktop device:

  1. First, you go to the aforementioned Apple Music website and log in;

  2. Next, you should see your home page with a number of artists, a search bar, and so on;

    There's also a red person-like sign at the upper right corner of the page that represents your account – you'll have to click that.

  3. After that, you'll be presented with a drop-down list that has several options, but the one we're interested in is "Settings";

  4. The "Settings" menu is a rather long list of things you can customize about your Apple Music experience – and this also includes subscription management, in a separate category called "Subscriptions";

    Here you can see your monthly payment, next billing date, as well as the chosen plan. Click "Manage" to proceed.

  5. In the following screen, you'll be presented with a choice to either change the subscription plan (or how often you want to pay for the service), as well as the "Cancel subscription" button.

    Clicking it should cancel Apple Music subscription that you no longer want active.

Cancel Apple Music subscription on newer macOS devices

Since both Windows and Mac devices have web browsers, the method above is universal. The same could not be said about deactivating your Apple Music subscription with the iTunes/App Store application. Here we'll have two different methods since Mac devices updated to Catalina macOS version or higher do not have a singular iTunes application anymore.

These devices now have several separate applications, as well as several methods of subscription management – via the Mac device itself, and via the App Store. The first method we'll be looking at does not include the App Store application:

  1. On your Mac device, there is an Apple icon in the upper left part of your screen. Clicking it should give you the ability to open system preferences;

  2. Your system preferences window has a lot of options, but the one we're looking for is "Apple ID";

  3. The subscription management is located in the "Media & Purchases" category, so we're locating there first;

  4. After that, you can see a separate "Subscriptions" category, along with the "Manage…" button near it;

  5. Your subscription list (the one you see after clicking the "Manage…" button) should include your Apple Music subscription. Clicking "Edit" allows you to get to Apple Music subscription settings, specifically;

  6. After that, all you have to do is to click "Cancel Subscription" and confirm it.

Apple Music subscription cancel process via an App Store application

The last option in this category would be to use the App Store application to cancel your Apple Music subscription. This is another option for newer macOS devices since there is no iTunes application anymore for these devices. The process itself is relatively similar to what you'd do in iTunes, though:

  1. After opening the App Store app, you can see the welcome screen, as well as your picture and the account name in the lower-left corner;

  2. This would allow you to choose several options, including "View information", which is the one we need;

  3. As soon as you're at the "Settings" screen, you can scroll down until you're at the "Manage" category – you can see the number of your active subscriptions there, as well as the "Manage" button that you should click;

  4. The process is relatively similar to what we've done before, you get to the subscriptions page, click "Edit" near Apple Music, then click "Cancel subscription" and confirm the operation.

Using iTunes to cancel Apple Music subscription

This one is applicable to both older macOS devices (before Catalina), as well as all of the Windows devices – since all of those should have an iTunes app that we're going to use. Here, the process would be pretty much identical to the one above (using App Store to cancel subscription), since both apps work in a similar way – you go into the account menu, access account settings, find the subscription management screen and cancel the subscription.

Check Apple Music subscription on iOS devices

Since Apple's policy does not allow applications to have their own subscription management menu, the only option that we can use here is via accessing the device's settings:

  1. Go to your device's "Settings" menu and locate your Apple ID name/photo on the top of the page;

  2. Clicking your Apple ID/account name should lead you to the "Apple ID" page that has various settings related to your account – including a separate menu for subscriptions;

  3. The "Subscription" menu lists all of your account's active subscriptions, with the ability to check and manage each and every one of them;

  4. Clicking the "Apple Music" subscription gives you the ability to cancel it if you wish to do so.

How to check Apple Music subscription on an Android device?

Android devices, on the other hand, have two separate options – using the Apple Music app, or using Google Play Store. The first option is the usual one, while the second one has its own specific use case:

  1. Open the Apple Music app, and, If you're not located at the "Listen Now" page – move there;

  2. Clicking three dots at the upper right part of the screen gives you the ability to access "Settings", as well as to manage your "Account". We're choosing the latter option;

  3. Your "Account" page offers you several different options, such as payment information, notification management, and so on. The one we're looking for is the "Manage Subscription" button;

  4. The "Manage Subscription" menu gives you an overview of your Apple Music subscription, as well as the ability to cancel it. Click either "Cancel Free Trial" or "Cancel Subscription" to proceed, and confirm the action.

There's also an alternative here, but this one is only applicable if you've paid for your Apple Music subscription using Google Pay (or if you've generally subscribed to an Apple Music service using Play Store payment overlay).

If that is your case, you can go to your Play Store app, or to a Play Store page, to see either a "My subscriptions" or a "Payments & subscriptions" button (desktop and mobile, respectively).

You may also have to click your profile icon to see this option in a Play Store app (the "Payments & Subscriptions" menu also has several other options, but the one we're going at it, obviously, "Subscriptions").

After that, you should be able to see a list of your subscriptions, with the ability to manage current subscriptions and remove expired ones.

Apple Music cancel subscription with an Apple TV

The last, but not the least, option here is using Apple TV to manage and cancel your Apple Music subscription. This process is relatively simple, but it is also accessible to 4th-Gen Apple TV devices and higher since the Apple Music app only supports 4th Gen and newer.

  1. Your device's "Settings" menu is the place where we're starting our process;

  2. Right there, you'll be able to see a dedicated option called "Users and Accounts" that we're looking for;

  3. Since Apple TV works with multiple accounts, this next screen gives you the ability to choose which user's settings you'd like to see;

  4. The "Account" screen has several user-related options, as well as a separate "Subscriptions" option;

  5. The "Subscription" page shows you a list of your active subscriptions, and choosing any of those gives you the ability to manage and cancel each one of them.

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