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eHarmony Subscription Cancellation

Online dating services are some of the many different service types that have become immensely popular with the widespread distribution of the Internet, with many different variations of the same “matching” concept creating a lot of competition. This, in turn, brought up the need for all kinds of unique features and service variations, such as eHarmony – an online dating service that uses a more analytical approach when it comes to “matching” different people. This article talks about different ways to cancel or delete your eHarmony account.

The Internet age as a whole gave life to an entire selection of different industries and services, and some of the existing services acquired new features and benefits. Online dating has exploded in popularity over the years, with many apps and websites appearing all over the Internet, boasing unique features and a one-of-a-kind approach to the matching process.

eHarmony is one such service, an online dating website that claims high compatibility of its matches due to the implementation of various analysis techniques. Their matching system is proprietary and uses the results of a personality quiz that each user has to take to ensure better matches.

As with many other dating apps and services, eHarmony works using a subscription model with recurring charges. There is a free membership that everyone can join, but it is severely limited in terms of features when compared with the paid membership. Luckily enough, there is a 14-day free trial that eHarmony offers to all new users so that everyone can try out all of the premium features. 

Canceling such a service is also relatively easy, and there are multiple ways to do it depending on what kind of device was used to initiate your subscription. It is worth mentioning that the process itself is all about turning off the “automatic renewal” feature for your paid eHarmony subscription – since your subscription can only expire at the end of your billing period and cannot be prorated or refunded. However, since this process effectively cancels the subscription itself, it can also be treated as the account cancellation process.

How to cancel eHarmony account online?

The first and the most obvious way towards eHarmony cancellation is to do it using the official website. The first step here is to access said website and enter your account with your user credentials.

Once this step is complete, you should see your user profile with all kinds of information available. Our next step would be to access the drop-down menu with additional account settings, it can be found by clicking on the “down” arrow near your profile picture.

There should be several different options in this drop-down menu, with one of them being called “Data & settings”. This is the option we are looking for, and clicking it should bring you to a different screen with multiple account settings.

You may have noticed here that there is no “cancel subscription” button or something similar. It happens purely because the button we are looking for is called “Amend subscription”, and clicking it would initiate the subscription cancellation process.

At this point eHarmony should ask for your user password for account verification purposes. Once that process is complete, you will be presented with a different screen that lists all of the terms that you will be accepting by turning off auto-renewal as the feature.

It is worth noting that the subscription you paid for would still remain active until the next billing period, and all of your remaining payments would have to be paid for anyway. All of the future payments, on the other hand, should be canceled straight away. At the bottom of this same page, you should click an option that confirms your intent to turn off auto renewal feature.

There might be one more confirmation page after that, but once that one is also done with – your eHarmony subscription will not be renewed after the current billing period ends.

How to cancel eHarmony account using Apple devices?

With that being said, eHarmony also has a smartphone app that is available for both Android and Apple devices. This creates an option for both groups of users to initiate their subscriptions using their smartphone – and creates two new cancellation methods for us to go over.

Our first ecosystem is the one with all of the Apple devices, specifically iPhones, iPads and Macbooks. While the cancellation process for Mac devices is a bit different from other Apple’s smart devices, it is not different enough to warrant an entirely new paragraph, which is why we’ll cover both of these variations (since iPhone and iPad have an almost identical interface in this regard) in this one topic.

Due to the way Apple manages most of the subscriptions in its iPhone/iPad ecosystem, we are going to be using not the eHarmony app, but the “Settings” app of your device to go through with disabling auto-renewal. It is also worth mentioning here that deleting the app itself from your smartphone is not the same as canceling the subscription (even though there are some instances when an Apple device might give you a prompt to cancel the subscription once the app is deleted).

In the “Settings” app you can see a number of different device settings, such as notifications, display, connection, and so on. However, the first thing everyone sees when accessing their “Settings” app is their iTunes information – a profile picture, a name, etc. Tapping this particular area grants you access to your iTunes account settings, which you can easily use to change your account information, log out, and even manage your subscription. 

There is an entire separate option called “Subscriptions”, and tapping it provides you with a list of all the subscription services that are currently active (or expired) for your specific iTunes account. As such, all that you have to do here is to find eHarmony on this list, click it and choose “Cancel subscription” for the auto-renewal feature to stop.

As for the Mac devices, they can also be used to cancel a subscription initiated via your iPhone or iPad, since the subscription in question is tied to the iTunes account in the first place. The process itself is relatively similar to what we have just discussed, with only a few alterations – the app itself that you need is either “iTunes” or the “App Store” (depending on your MacOS version), and to get to the account settings you have to click on your iTunes name and choose “Account settings” in the drop-down menu.

How to cancel eHarmony account with an Android device?

When it comes to Android devices, the subscription cancellation process is more similar to how Mac users cancel their subscriptions, rather than their smartphone counterparts – since the app that we are looking for here is the “Google Play Store”, which hosts a number of different options, including subscription management.

Once you have successfully opened the app in question (and logged in to your Google account, the app itself would not work properly without that), you can start by clicking on your account picture in the search bar located at the top of the screen. Doing this brings up a new menu with all sorts of useful options, such as “Account Management”, “Library”, “Settings”, “Offers & notifications” and, of course, “Payments & subscriptions”.

“Payments & subscriptions” is the option we were looking for, and tapping it transports you to a different window with four options: “Payment methods”, “Subscriptions”, “Budget & history”, as well as “Redeem code”. The “Subscriptions” menu is relatively similar to what we just discussed with Apple devices – giving you a list of all the different subscriptions that are associated with this particular Google account. 

All we have to do here is to find eHarmony on the list, choose it and find the “Cancel subscription” option. After that there might be another step that is there to confirm your cancellation intent, but once that one is done – your eHarmony subscription should not continue after the current billing period ends.

How to cancel eHarmony account via email?

Going for a more old-fashioned cancellation method, eHarmony can also be canceled via an email. This method is far less convenient than the rest, for a number of reasons, but it can still be used for subscription management purposes, and thus we have to cover it as well.

All you have to do is to write your cancellation request to and wait for them to send you a confirmation email so that you can be sure your request has been processed. 

The problem with this method is that communication via email is far from instant, and if you fail to mention a specific detail about your account, you would have to wait even more before getting a response for the second time. As such, it is recommended to think your cancellation email through beforehand, and to include enough of your account information so that your identity can be verified with no problems by the company’s representative.

How to delete eHarmony account?

Since eHarmony deals with quite a lot of personal information, some users might find that canceling their subscriptions is not enough for them to be confident in their data safety, or for any other reason. In this case, your eHarmony account can also be straight-up deleted as a whole, with no way to restore it.

For these specific cases, eHarmony actually has an alternative to complete account deletion – there is a feature that allows you to hide your profile from everyone else for the time being, if you wish to continue using the service in question in the future.

This option can be found using an official eHarmony website by going through the previously mentioned sequence of steps, right until you arrive at the “Data & Settings” menu. In this menu, you should see a separate section called “Profile Visibility” with a toggle. Clicking this toggle should hide your account from other users, and a new banner on your home page would also notify you about this change.

However, if your wish is to learn how to delete eHarmony account permanently, you need a hyperlink with a rather telling name “To permanently delete your profile, click here”. This link can be found under the “Profile Status” section of that same “Data & settings” page we already talked about. That is how you can deactivate eHarmony account permanently.

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