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How to cancel Amazon Prime Video subscription? How to cancel Prime video subscription

How to cancel Amazon Prime video subscription? Methods of Prime video subscription cancellation. How to deactivate Amazon Prime video subscription yourself or with the usage of INXY?

For many Amazon users, the Prime Video service is just one of numerous perks included in the major package. As a Prime member, you can have limitless access to video, music, free shipping and many other privileges. 

If you are a Prime user, you cannot get rid of Prime Video without cancelling the whole subscription. At the same time, Amazon allows users to subscribe to Prime Video separately (it comes for $9/mo). How to cancel Amazon Prime Video subscription if you don’t need it anymore? Here is a step-by-step guide.

To start with, we will observe the process of unsubscription through Amazon's website. You will need to open an Internet browser on your computer.

How to cancel prime video subscription

This is the easiest way to terminate a subscription on your own, without anyone’s help. Note that if you are a user of Amazon Prime, you will cancel the entire package!

  1. Open Amazon website using any browser;

  2. Sign in;

  3. Go to "Account & Lists" (it’s in the upper part of the menu) in the drop-down list, then proceed to "Your Prime Membership";

  4. In the right menu, find the "Manage Membership" section;

  5. Click to open the drop-down menu and choose "End membership". Then confirm this action;

  6. You will need to pass through several pages and each time, give consent to the cancellation. Make sure to confirm it all;

Done! Your subscription is over.

How to cancel Prime Video only?

You can cancel Amazon Prime Video subscription only if there are no services ordered. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon Account and proceed to the Prime Video section;

  2. Click the “Watch” button;

  3. Go to the section for managing your video channels;

  4. On your account page, find the box named “Prime” and click “Edit”;

  5. Among the video channels, you can also find subscriptions that you'd like to terminate;

  6. Tap on “Update” in your settings. You will see another dropdown menu appearing. Here, find the “Manage membership” section;

  7. Tap on “End Membership” and confirm the cancellation.

How to unsubscribe via email?

You can contact Amazon through customer support. Mail to and ask the team to help you with that.

How to unsubscribe via phone?

If you cannot or do not want to manage your subscriptions online, you can do it by calling Amazon company at 1-888-2804-331

  1. Get connected with a live assistant and ask to cancel your membership;

  2. Provide all the details about your account (you should better prepare them in advance);

  3. Follow the guidelines you’re provided with;

  4. Ask for confirmation in a printed or written form.

How to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime on Android?

If you are watching videos on your Android device, you can also try to cancel your subscription via the application.

  1. Open the app on your Android device;

  2. Proceed to “Settings”;

  3. Select your Account;

  4. Find the “Memberships & Subscriptions” section - it’s located on the bottom of your profile settings;

  5. Now go to the list of video channels you’re subscribed to;

  6. Click ‘Cancel’ next to the channels that you don’t plan to watch;

  7. When the confirmation window appears, click ‘Cancel Channels’ and give your consent to unsubscribe;

How to terminate Premium subscriptions in the service?

These channels come with the Amazon Prime subscription but should be bought separately. They allow users to stream content, watch series, sports translations and so on. Instead of accessing channels through separate apps, customers can purchase subscriptions through their Prime Video account. There are hundreds of paid options available. Each channel has a particular fee, so if you don’t watch them or your favorite show is over, it’s high time to unsubscribe.

Pro Tip:

Look at the billing date and don’t forget to cancel channels before you’re charged once again. Otherwise, you won’t get your money back because of the refunding policy.

The bad news is that you won’t be compensated for the channels you paid for but not watched. However, you can terminate your subscription right now.

  1. Log in your profile;

  2. Choose “Account” from the upper menu;

  3. Proceed to “Membership and Subscriptions”;

  4. Choose “Prime Video Channels”;

  5. Explore the list of subscriptions to see what you want to cancel;

  6. Once you’ve discovered the channels you don’t need anymore, click on “Cancel Channel” next to the “Price” section;

Now you know how to unsubscribe from Prime Video on your own. Don’t want to do that or have no time to deal with your memberships? With INXY subscription tracker, you won’t miss a payment. Get real-time information about active subscriptions, cancel them at the right time, and stop overpaying for the services you don’t need anymore. On top of that, we offer an extensive knowledge base - our step-by-step tutorials will help you find subscriptions in different apps and websites. 

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