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How to cancel Amazon Prime subscription? Amazon Prime subscription cancellation

How to cancel Amazon Prime subscription? Methods of Amazon Prime subscription cancellation. How to deactivate Amazon Prime subscription yourself or with the usage of INXY?

Amazon Prime is an online service owned by Amazon corporation. It is a fast delivery program for marketplace users. By purchasing a membership, the customer receives many bonuses, discounts, and gifts. The service also provides subscriptions for its media library to TV channels, series, movies, access to the library, and the ability to legally purchase video products, books, games, music, cloud storage, and much more.

The perks that Amazon gives Prime subscribers are divided into two categories: shopping and entertainment. Amazon is not just a store - it's a huge aggregator with separate online entertainment services, and some of them are available to Prime subscribers. Those include:

  • Free shipping from Amazon;
  • Early access to discounts;
  • Amazon Prime Day annual sale;
  • Amazon video services and game bonuses;
  • Amazon Prime Music.

Yet, if you've decided all these perks aren't worth the monthly payments, you can unsubscribe in a few steps.

How to cancel Amazon Prime subscription?

Here is a step-by-step guide on terminating your paid subscription:

  1. Open your profile in Amazon and proceed to the menu in the right upper corner;

  2. One the next page opens, find the 'Membership' title and click on 'Update, cancel and more' section. Then choose to end the subscription;

  3. Next, you will be asked whether you are sure to terminate your membership perks Select 'Cancel my benefits';

  4. Note that you can be asked whether you are ready to terminate your account. Give confirmations every time when needed. Finally, you will need to click the button located under the 'Cancel your membership' title.

Please note that other memberships coming together with Amazon Prime (for example, TV channels) won't be updated after you terminate your subscription. In the same manner, if you signed up through a third-party company, you should terminate your membership directly through their interface.

How to end a free trial?

  1. Open your profile using any gadget. You will enter the starting page, sign up if needed;

  2. Click the menu in the left part of the screen;

  3. Proceed to your profile;

  4. Go down to the account settings and find the 'Manage' button;

  5. You will see the 'End trial and benefits' section in the menu. After clicking on it, you will be asked to confirm your choice;

  6. Click 'Continue to Cancel' and make all necessary confirmations, which might be requested several times. Please, note that you will be able to access Prime benefits until the end of your free trial;

  7. Keep following the next instructions and confirming your choice on all screens popping up. Once the process is over, you will see the message saying that your free trial is canceled.

How to get refunded for your subscription?

According to the refunding policy, clients who have paid the full sum for Prime membership but have never used their benefits can opt for full compensation. It is more likely to get compensated when you cancel Prime subscription at the beginning of the payment period.

To get your funds back, follow these steps:

  • Proceed to the Prime's 'Contact Us' section;
  • Choose the Prime tab or 'Something Else';
  • Tap on the drop-down menu, proceed to the 'Membership Management' and 'Other issue';
  • Pick one of the available options. You need to choose the way you will contact Amazon's customer support (chat, phone, or email);
  • Provide the reason why you apply for a refund.

For example, you can terminate membership in three business days after shifting from your free trial, and be eligible for compensation. But it's possible only if you have not used Prime perks during this period.

If you have used the account benefits, you can request a partial refund, but its sum will depend on the remaining days of the payment period and the use of membership features.

Can you access the benefits until the end of the payment period?

Absolutely. You will keep on making the most of your Prime participation benefits all through the end of the 30-day agreement. Don't forget to check your financial record toward the finish of your enrollment period or 30 days after to make sure that auto charging has not happened.

Pro Tip:

During the free trial, you cannot order 2-day express delivery without getting a $99 membership. If you bought something without 2-day delivery, the subscription expense will be refunded on the off chance that you click on 'Cancel Prime Membership' as opposed to 'Don't auto-renew'.

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