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Cancel Adore Me Subscription

Adore Me is a webstore that deals with a rather specific product range – focusing mostly on all kinds of female lingerie in different forms. It also offers a VIP membership with many different bonuses, from permanent discounts to free shipping and free product sets. Since this is a subscription of sorts, learning how to cancel it is only natural for its users.

Adore Me is a company that can be considered relatively young by the market’s overall standards, since it was founded only ten years ago. It is a female lingerie service that prides itself on offering products that are both affordable and high-quality.

Adore Me works like a lot of online shops do, offering a marketplace with a variety of products within this specific industry. However, it also has its own subscription service of sorts – the Adore Me VIP Membership. It offers a number of different advantages to its users, with both common and unusual benefits included in the package.

For example, some of the more common advantages of this subscription is that Adore Me VIP members get 10% off for any set at all times, as well as the free shipping. Additionally, VIP members are eligible for VIP-only sales, one free set after every five paid ones, as well as a 50% discount on the first style (custom set).

With that, Adore Me successfully became a part of the so-called “subscription craze” of the last decade, being one of many services that offer a paid subscription for a product or service. As such, it is only natural that some people would want to know how to cancel Adore Me account.

How to cancel Adore Me account online?

Since Adore Me is a relatively niche service, it is not that uncommon to see that there are only two main ways to cancel Adore Me account – using a company’s website and via a phone call.

Due to the nature of a phone call as the cancellation method, using the Adore Me website is the only method that can be sufficiently explained from start to finish. The first step would be to go to the official Adore Me website and log in with your user credentials. 

Several new options should become available to you after that, including the “Account Settings” one. Click it to arrive at the completely new page. Alternatively, you can just go here and arrive at the membership settings page straight away.

This page now has a lot of different information in regards to your current account, as well as the “Cancel Your Subscription” button. Please note that you also have to confirm your cancellation intent before it is registered, so follow the on-screen recommendations with utmost care.

This entire paragraph provides users with the knowledge on how to cancel Adore Me account in a few minutes’ time.

How to cancel Adore Me account via a phone call?

A phone call is the only alternative to the online cancellation when it comes to the Adore Me VIP membership. The number in question is 800-433-2367, it can be used to contact Adore Me customer support to initiate your subscription cancellation process.

As a user, you would have to prove your identity in some way before your subscription can be canceled, so be sure to have your Adore Me contact information at hand for the cancellation to go through smoothly. Additionally, it is highly recommended to ask the member of the customer support for a subscription cancellation letter to be sent to your email address as soon as the cancellation is finished.

Additional information about the Adore Me subscription

Adore Me does not have any kind of free trial for its VIP membership, although it can still function properly without any subscriptions as a regular online shop. What Adore Me does have is the ability to skip a month of your active subscription if you wish to do so. 

The only requirement here is to submit this particular request between the first and the fifth day of the month – you would be charged $39.95 if you forget to do so in the specific time frame. Luckily enough, this money turns into a store credit that can be spent with Adore Me, or you can refund it if you do not wish to spend it in this store.

It is also worth noting that Adore Me VIP membership is not prorated upon cancellation, meaning that you would lose all of the subscription benefits as soon as the cancellation request is complete.

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