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How to Cancel Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe is a famous software provider company that offers a number of products that are considered some of the best in its field, with the most popular one being Photoshop. All of these applications are distributed using a subscription-based model, which sometimes might be somewhat problematic to cancel if you need to do so. This article’s goal is to describe the cancellation process in many details to make the cancellation easier for end users.

Software provided with the model of a subscription service (often abbreviated as SaaS – Software as a Service) has become the norm in the modern world, with a wealth of different tools and programs being distributed using this particular model. This kind of subscription can be found in most of the popular fields and industries, from regular hobbies and gaming services to professional tools.

It is rather hard to find a person that never heard about Photoshop in the designer field – this graphics editor has become a lot of people’s primary editing tool, serving as an industry standard for all of its competition. What is less commonly known is that Adobe, the creator of Photoshop, also offers a number of other useful tools for different use cases and purposes.

Aside from the aforementioned graphic design tool such as Photoshop, there is also a solution for web design, multiple software products for video editing and animation, a completely separate audio editing software, and many more. All of these products can be acquired using a subscription service – it can include multiple products at once, or just one single product that you need.

There is also a subscription that includes the entirety of Adobe’s software list – Creative Cloud. This solution offers over twenty different applications, and is far cheaper than purchasing each software separately, which is why it is one of the most popular subscription plans that Adobe has.

However, all subscriptions have to end at some point, no matter what the reasons are. Which is why the question “How to cancel Adobe subscription?” gets asked quite a lot on the Internet. Luckily enough, the process itself is not particularly complicated, with the hardest part being clicking through all of Adobe's attempts to keep you as their paid customer.

Since Adobe’s products are extremely popular, they can also be subscribed to using third party OS, such as Apple or Google, and the cancellation process there would be as standard as it gets. Which is why the first answer to the question “How to cancel Adobe Creative Cloud subscription?” would be to use the web browser and the official Adobe website.

How to cancel Adobe Subscription online?

You can use either the official Adobe website homepage or the link that would get you straight to the “Plans” page – logging in is a mandatory first step in both cases. The only difference between these two links is that logging in at the main Adobe page would lead you to the “Overview” page of your Adobe account and you would have to click on “Plans and payment” and choose “Plans” in the drop-down menu to get to the necessary tab. The second link would already have the “Plans” tab selected and ready to go.

The “Plans” page gives its users an overview of all Adobe subscriptions active on this specific account. To initiate the subscription cancellation process you have to click the “Manage plan” button underneath the subscription plan’s name (for example, it would be located under the “Creative Cloud Membership” if your intent is to cancel the Creative Cloud subscription).

The next window that you are going to see is the “Manage Plan” window, providing users with the basic information about the plan itself (next due date, what it includes, how much cloud storage is included, etc.), as well as the ability to change this specific subscription to a different one or to cancel it entirely. You have to click the “Cancel your plan” button here to proceed.

It is worth noting that the button in question might not be on this page. There are two possible ways to explain this – either the subscription in question is already deactivated, or it was activated less than 24 hours ago.

Next, you should arrive at the “Cancel Plan” screen, and you can immediately see that the cancellation plan for Adobe subscriptions includes four different steps that you would have to go through – “Feedback”, “Details”, “Offers” and “Review”. At the “Feedback” page you would have to choose the reason for canceling this subscription by either choosing from several different options and/or typing the reason manually. Click “Continue” to proceed.

The “Details” window shows you what canceling your Adobe subscription would mean to you specifically – this includes what apps you would no longer be able to access, what apps you would lose partial access to, and also how much you are going to be charged for early subscription cancellation.

It is worth noting that Adobe has a lot of different rules in regards to subscription cancellation fees, with most of the annual subscriptions having the fee of half of your remaining contract obligation. On the other hand, a lot of the monthly subscription plans should be able to get canceled with no fees whatsoever. 

Adobe also includes a grace period of 14 days for most of its subscriptions, meaning that customers that cancel their subscriptions less than 14 days after initiating it are not charged any fees and also receive a full refund for the subscription in question. Additional research towards this specific part of the process is highly advised since there are a lot of very specific rules that Adobe has for subscription plans. More information about this topic can be found here.

When you are finished overlooking what subscription cancellation means to you, you can click “Continue” to proceed. That way you can move towards the next step of the process – the “Offers” page. On this screen, Adobe would try to influence your decision to cancel this subscription by offering a different, often discounted plan for a specific service. There is also the ability to start a chat with the customer support member to receive a special offer of sorts. Click “No thanks” to proceed.

The last part of the “Cancel Plan” page titled “Review” is the one you should see next. As the name suggests, it acts as an overview of everything that would happen if you choose to cancel the subscription, including possible cancellation fees, subscription end dates, app availability, and more. Click “Confirm” to finish the process of canceling your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

You should see a completely different page after that, with a green bar at the upper part of the screen telling you that your subscription has been canceled. At this point you should check the email that is attached to your Adobe account for more subscription cancellation information, or you can go back to the “Plans” page to check that the subscription in question is now gone from this list.

How to cancel Adobe Subscription via iPhone or iPad?

The Adobe subscription can also be billed using either Apple or Android device, in which case the subscription cancellation process is going to be extremely standard. For example, if our goal is to cancel Adobe subscription using either an iPhone or an iPad, we can start by opening the “Settings” app, since this is the app that controls all of the subscriptions for these Apple devices.

Our next step would be to click on the Apple ID and choose the “Subscriptions” option to receive a list of every subscription that this Apple account has active or expired. All that is left to do is to choose the specific Adobe subscription that needs to be canceled and tap “Cancel Subscription”. 

As you can see, this particular process is far faster than the one we have described before, and if we combine that with the fact that a lot of Adobe products can be used with an iPad – it might even become a great alternative to desktop Photoshop for some users.

 How to cancel Adobe Subscription via Android?

The subscription cancellation process for Android devices is extremely similar to what we have just explained – with the biggest difference being that we are going to use the Google Play Store app instead of the Settings app.

The first step here would be to tap on your account image on the upper right part of the screen. This brings up a new page with many account management-related options, be it notifications, app management, help & feedback, and so on. The option that we need here is called “Payments & subscriptions”.

This should bring up an entirely different menu with four more options:

  • Payment methods;
  • Subscriptions;
  • Budget & history;
  • Redeem gift code.

You may have guessed that the “Subscriptions” option is the one that we need here. This gives us a list of all the subscription associated with this Google account, including both active and expired subscriptions. Find the Adobe subscription here, tap “Manage” near it and click “Cancel Subscription” to finish the entire process.

As we have mentioned before, there are cases when you may be eligible for a refund when canceling Adobe subscription, but it would have to be less than two weeks after the subscription was paid for in the first place. Additionally, some Adobe apps also have a free trial that you would have to cancel manually using the “website” method described above to prevent Adobe from transferring your account to paid subscription as soon as the free trial expires.

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