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How to cancel a Vimeo subscription?
Vimeo is a video platform that was established in the fall of 2004. Vimeo is an auxiliary of InterActive Corp, which is an organization situated in New York City. The service is accessible in different languages. "Vimeo" is a blend of the words "video" and "me", which emphasizes ease of use and fast access to video files. Despite the fact that the central office is situated in New York, Vimeo is accessible for individuals around the world.
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The site offers advertisement-free videos. Security matters, so you can handle who sees your recordings, just as when and where. You can communicate with audience, share records and get comments. With Vimeo, you can reach, attract and develop your target audience and your business. You can likewise live stream to get a constant commitment.
There is a Basic free account, yet its functionality is restricted. The Plus plan costs $7/ month and offers 5GB of capacity each week. The Pro plan is worth $20/month and permits you to have 2 colleagues. You will have 2TB of capacity each week. The Business plan costs $50/month and permits 5TB of capacity for up to 5 co-workers. The Premium plan permits you to use live streaming. It is worth $75/ month and grants 7TB of capacity for up to 10 users. Enrollment is charged on a yearly premise.
It is not difficult to delete your Vimeo record and we can assist you with that. To cancel your Vimeo subscription, adhere to the following directions.

Instructions to Cancel by Phone (with an Agent):
Contact the corporation via 212-314-7300.
Prompt the delegate that you need to drop your subscription.
Request a verbal affirmation code or email.
Hold the affirmation data you're given.

Instructions to Cancel by E-Mail:
Form an email with your record data
Prompt the delegate that you want to cancel your account
Request an affirmation code or email as evidence of your termination by contacting

The most effective method is to Cancel Vimeo via the website:
Snap on 'No, I have a different inquiry
Give the specialist your record data
Snap on Submit
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