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How to Cancel Weightwatchers? How to Cancel WW?

Weightwatchers is one of the oldest, and the most profitable, service on the market of weight loss solutions, and it still works great for a lot of people. At the same time, it is not a service that someone would use after achieving their goal of sorts – and this is where our article about Weightwatchers cancellation methods comes in.

Weightwatchers (mostly referred to as WW) is a commercial weight loss program that has been around for several decades and managed to earn its name in its field. It works on a system of points, combined with meal replacement programs and counseling, providing an abundance of workshops and coaching options for many different situations and use cases.

However, just like with any other commercial program, there comes a time when you might want to cancel this service. The reason itself is not of particular importance here, you may have reached your goal, or decided to cut your monthly spendings. What is important is that there are multiple different ways to cancel Weightwatchers subscription in the UK (as well as other countries) – online, via email, using one of the third-party billing services, or even in person.

How to cancel Weightwatchers online?

One of the easiest ways to cancel WW membership is via their official website. The process itself is rather short and leaves little room for error. Your first step after going through this link would be to log in using your user credentials.

After that, you should see your "Profile" page already, with a number of different options available. The option we're looking for here is "Cancel my account". You may be presented with some alternatives to canceling your subscription, including some sort of incentive to stay subscribed – we are skipping all of that by clicking the "Complete cancellation" button.

The next page that you should see is the cancellation form that must be filled in completely to initiate the process in question. As soon as you're done with filling everything in, confirm your cancellation intent and wait for the email notification about your order being processed.

It never hurts to take a screenshot of the "successful cancellation" page and save it somewhere, in case your request would not be processed.

How to cancel Weightwatchers with an email

Speaking of emails, it is also possible to use an email to cancel Weightwatchers subscription in Australia and many other countries the service works in. You still need to fill out the cancellation form, though, which you can find on your "Profile" page using the link above.

The correct email address should be located in the official website, as well. The rest of the safety precautions from above still apply – wait for the email about your cancellation details, and send your form again if you did not get a response within a week (the cancellation should be initiated 72 hours after the request was submitted, according to the Weightwatchers website).

How to cancel Weightwatchers via an app

Weightwatchers as a service also has a mobile app with a wide variety of courses and programs. The existence of such a mobile app for both iOS and Android (as well as the existence of subscriptions that you can purchase directly using the app itself) also makes it possible for both of these platforms to be used as subscription cancellation methods.

Despite the fact that both of these platforms are in direct competition with each other, the subscription cancellation process for both of them is relatively similar. For example, the iOS cancellation process starts with the "Settings" application.

Your Apple ID information should be the first thing you see in this application, located in the upper part of the screen. Clicking on your Apple ID brings up an entirely different menu with profile-related options. The one option we're looking for is called "Subscriptions".

The "Subscriptions" option is a different menu that shows all of your subscriptions connected to your Apple account. On this list, we're looking for Weightwatchers membership – choosing it would give you an option to cancel WW subscription ("Cancel" button).

Android, on the other hand, performs the entirety of its subscription management using the Google Play Store application. Opening the application in question should be the first step.

Once you're in the Play Store app, you can click on your profile picture and find an option called "Subscriptions & services". This menu has four different options in it – including the one we need, "Subscriptions". The "Subscriptions" menu here is close to how it is shown in iOS – a list of subscriptions tied to this specific account, with the ability to cancel each and every one of them. Find Weightwatchers membership on this list and click "Cancel Subscription" to complete the process.

How to cancel Weightwatchers in person

Since Weightwatchers offers multiple different plans, with some of the plans having a regular meeting with the meeting leader of sorts – it's only natural that you could cancel Weightwatchers subscription by talking to your meeting leader. It is possible that your meeting leader might present you with some alternatives if your main reasoning is the cost of the service, too – it is up to you to consider these or not. Technically speaking, notifying your meeting leader about you not attending future meetings is enough for the subscription to be considered canceled.

How to cancel Weightwatchers in person

A phone call is considered one of the slowest cancellation methods, mostly because of the average waiting time. The phone number you're looking for is 1(800)-651-6000 (in Canada, our countries may have different customer support numbers), and you will be greeted by an automated system at first.

The right combination of commands is the number four (to confirm that you are already a member of the service), followed by the numbers 5 and 2 in succession (to skip the service's survey). The only step that is left here is to wait for the representative of the customer support to answer your call – this might take a while, too.

Once you've connected with the rep, inform them about your intent to cancel WW. In some cases, the representative would try and convince you to not proceed with the cancellation using discounts, different plans, and so on. Firmly deny all of that and have your billing information ready to confirm your identity so that your cancellation request is processed with no problems.

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