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How to Cancel Starz Subscription? Unsubscribe from Starz

Starz is one of the many video streaming services in the world, and most of the people won't be able to afford literally all of them – which is where the topic of subscription cancellation comes in. Luckily enough, Starz subscription can be cancelled in many different ways, as we'll show in this article.

The world of video streaming services is as competitive as it gets right now, with a large number of players fighting for the user's attention and time. One such service is Starz – an American video streaming service that offers both original shows and a variety of popular Hollywood films for users to watch at any point in time.

However, the abundance of streaming services leads to another problem – content restrictions. A lot of the shows these days are distributed as exclusives to a single streaming service, and this makes it rather hard to convince people that they have to pay for one more subscription just for that one show or movie that they want to see.

This is where we're arriving at the topic of this article – Starz subscription cancellation. The reason for you to cancel your Starz subscription can be pretty much anything, including saving money, not being satisfied with the content in question, or you might have already watched everything you were interested in when it comes to this specific service.

The process of cancelling your Starz subscription is rather easy in most cases – although, it is obviously different if you've billed it using different services, or if you're using different devices to cancel it. We'll try to go over some of the most popular ones, starting with an obvious choice – Starz official website.

How to cancel Starz subscription through an official website

The process here is fairly simple. All you have to do is to go to Starz official website and type in your account details when prompted. This should redirect you to the main page under your own credentials. Now you have to press the gear icon on the right half of the screen to access your account's settings.

After switching pages, you should be able to see several different options to choose from, including "Subscriptions" – click this one to proceed and choose "Cancel my subscription" to finish the entire process.

This is a relatively common place to manage your subscriptions. However, you might not always have access to a PC or other device that is suitable for this particular process. This is where all of the different Starz subscription cancellation methods come in – and we're going to start with smartphones, first.

How to cancel Starz subscription with an Android device

If your Starz subscription was billed using an Android device and its Google account, you'll have to use the Google Play Store app to cancel it. Your first step would be to open this app and click on your own profile picture located in the upper right corner of the screen.

This action should bring up a list of different possible options, such as "Manage apps & device", "Offers & notifications", and more. However, the option we're looking for is called "Payments & subscriptions" – click that one to proceed.

"Payments & subscriptions" menu offers only four options to choose from: "Payment methods", "Subscriptions", "Budget & history" and "Redeem gift code". Obviously, we're going to choose the "Subscriptions" option. The "Subscriptions" menu should have all of your subscriptions that are tied to your Google account listed in a single menu – all you have to do is to locate the line called "Starz subscription", click "Cancel" near it and confirm your action.

It's also possible to get to the same menu if you've billed the Starz subscription using a Funimation app – clicking "Settings > Your Plan" there would get you to the same "Subscriptions" menu that we've gotten to in the previous steps.

This covers one half of the spectrum when it comes to smartphones – and now we have to do the same for the other half, represented by iPhones (and iPads, since the process is pretty much the same for them both).

How to cancel Starz subscription using an iOS-based device

As with many other subscriptions managed using an iOS device, cancelling Starz subscription on both iPhone and iPad devices is done using the "Settings" menu, and not the App Store, like it was with Android devices. As such, our first step here would be to open the "Settings" app on our iOS device.

First thing you should notice within your "Settings" application is that it has your Apple ID and your profile picture at the top of the page. You'll have to click at your Apple ID to get to the account management menu.

After that, you'll see a number of different options at your account management page – including the "Subscriptions" menu that we're looking for. Proceeding into this menu would show you a list of subscriptions that you currently have – and clicking on the subscription in question (Starz, in our case) would give you an option to cancel or pause it.

How to cancel Starz subscription via Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is also a rather popular alternative when it comes to subscribing to and managing your Starz subscription. Cancelling Starz subscription with Amazon Prime is also quite easy – it can be done using Amazon's official website.

First thing you have to do there is to log in with your credentials. Once that process is complete, you'll be able to see a new line of text saying "Hello, ACCOUNT_NAME" at the top of the screen near the search bar. Directly under this line, you'll be able to see the "Accounts & Lists" button that you can, and should, click.

This action should lead you to a different page that is filled with all kinds of menus and settings for your Amazon account. There are also several different groups of options at the bottom of the screen – such as "Ordering and shopping preferences", "Digital content and devices" and "Memberships and subscriptions".

To find your Starz subscription, you'll have to locate the "Prime Video Channels" line under the "Memberships and subscriptions" category. On that particular page, you'll have all of your channel subscriptions tied to Amazon – including Starz. Each line on the list should have a "Cancel Channel" button near them, and it's the one you should click if you want to cancel Starz subscription with Amazon.

It should be noted that Starz might have to try and convince you to stay subscribed by offering you a low-cost deal or some other alternative – and you should also have an option to opt out of this deal and proceed with cancelling your Starz subscription.

Additionally, Starz might ask you for the reason why you're cancelling (with the "Prefer not to answer" option on the list) – once you've filled that in, you can proceed and cancel your Starz subscription for good.

How to cancel Starz subscription via Amazon Fire TV

While we're on the topic of Amazon, as a whole – you can also download the Starz app to your Amazon device, and cancel Starz subscription using that same device.

All you have to do here is to go to a specific menu called "App Store Subscriptions" that should have all of your current active subscriptions to various content. After that, find Starz on that same list, click the "Actions" button and choose the "Cancel your subscription" option.

How to cancel Starz subscription with Roku

Amazon is also not the only one hardware provider that can be used to cancel a Starz subscription – you can do that with a Roku device, as well. Here, all you have to do is to locate your subscription options – one of the simplest instructions so far.

To do that, you have to go to your device's options and find a "Manage subscription" option – you should see the information about the subscription, and you should also have the ability to cancel it immediately (or keep it until it expires – it is an option, too).

How to cancel Starz subscription with Hulu

Starz is also available as one of the add-ons for a Hulu subscription – and you'll have to get to Hulu website to cancel this one. Our first step here would be, as we've done many times before, to go to Hulu's account page and log in.

Once you're in, you should see an entire separate section called "Your Subscription" that has two parts: "Manage Plan" and "Manage Add-Ons". All you have to do to cancel your Starz subscription with Hulu is to find Starz under the "Manage Add-Ons" part, un-check it and confirm the action.

How to cancel Starz subscription with Sling

Sling is also an option when it comes to using different services to cancel a Starz subscription – although the process here is a bit different than most. The first step is rather obvious – you have to go to Sling's official website and log in.

After that, you'll see an option called "Change Subscriptions". This option allows you to manage all of your subscriptions based on this account at once – just expand the list of potential services for your current plan and un-check Starz. Clicking the "Review" button after that should cancel your Starz subscription for good.

More traditional methods of cancelling your Starz subscription

If all of the above options are not fit for you, you can always try some of the more traditional ways of cancelling or changing your subscription. The 24/7 Starz live support number is 1-855-247-9175, and their email is

It should also be noted that, while the Starz subscription might be shown in your bill in several different ways, such as "STARZ INTERNET" or "STARZ ENTERTAINMENT CO", you can be sure that the name of the service itself – "STARZ" – would also be included in some way, making it far easier to find.

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